21A047 How They "Justify" Slavery by Jim Davies, 12/7/2021  


First, let's define the term. A "slave" is a person supposedly "owned" by a slave-owner. That appalling practice did not begin here in 1619, it was carried out by the people of many nations and races over thousands of years. That does not of course in any way say it is acceptable! - but just sets it in context. The Roman Empire fully enslaved people two thousand years ago, Muslims in North Africa enslaved white sailors whose ships they plundered over centuries until the 1800s (and even today, by piracy) and of course, settlers in the Americas bought slaves kidnapped in West Africa.

So the rationale or justification for enlaving human beings is that might makes right, that is that nobody owns him- or herself. The owner of anyone is the one who prevails with greater force. The "right to life" and the self-ownership axiom (SOA) are denied in practice. That's the "justification" for enslavement, and consists of the irrrational, absolute denial of an absolute truth.

The SOA is an "absolute" truth because rationally, it's undeniable. Try denying it; the very moment you open your mouth or reach for a keyboard to do so, you are exercising your mind and muscles without permission of their owner; unless, of course, you are that owner. Hence, it's impossible to refute the SOA premise explicitly without accepting it implicitly. It's an axiom, a fixed truth.

Wholly irrational contradiction of the SOA runs right through society nonetheless, and the result is slavery; total, partial, racial or non-racial. The malodorous prevalence of black slavery here prior to 1865 is said to be over, though a crackerjack recent 5-minute video by Candace Owens suggests that it has merely changed its form; in any case an even greater degree of slavery is very active right now - as shown Styles of Enslavement. To enslave a person is to rob him or her of her labor, and labor is part and parcel of everyone's "self" and therefore, by the SOA, belongs exclusively to him. So do the fruits of his labor (the stuff for which he may exchange it) and anything he may choose to buy with those fruits, in further exchanges. Since about half of the fruits of all laborers is now confiscated by government as "taxes", all of us are enslaved to it to the extent of about 50%.

Awful though that is, it's by no means the whole of it - though I don't know how to quantify the rest, as a percentage. What government does, with the money it has stolen as tax, is to write laws, decrees, edicts, mandates, to order us to do this and refrain from doing that. That is the whole business of government; to issue and enforce commands. There are so many (Federal, State, local) that no one person can even read them all, in a single lifetime. A vast range of choices which are yours and mine by right, as above, are removed and taken instead by them. Every day, it is their urgent business to remove a little more freedom. The present obscenity by which we must wear masks, accept injections and work or stay home upon their political whim are just the latest examples.

The whole basis of society is therefore founded on the absolute denial of an absolute truth. That's how bad it is. In its core nature, government is an entity that "owns" us, as slaves, partly or fully. That's why nothing less than its total eradication will suffice, and it's why slavery will continue until a zero government society takes effect.

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