21A040 How to Cancel the Cancel Culture by Jim Davies, 10/19/2021  


We are living in a Göbbelsian society. Every major information channel publishes or broadcasts what the ruling clique wants it to say. It's as scary as it is ironic; nearly half a million Americans died, eight decades ago, to defeat a strident version of Fascism yet here we are, in almost exactly the same position as Germans under Hitler.

Almost, but not quite. The Nazi thugs just marched in to each newspaper's office and obtained the owner's commitment to support the new government or suffer closure; today it's more subtle - and, I must admit, smarter. The rulers saw the Internet arrive, waited for the competitors to settle down and a few come to dominate, then built influence within those to acquire Board membership for their acolytes - such as Eric Schmidt in Google. They scared Bill Gates into their ranks by holding over his head a breakup of Microsoft, and when they had also pulled in the owners of Facebook and Twitter, the Cancel Culture took form.

Anything that doesn't blend with government narratives is vulnerable to being denied access to the medium in use. "De-platforming" has entered the lexicon. This month Google pulled the plug on LewRockwell.com, which does great work with fresh articles daily for a readership of over 3 million page-views monthly; it just announced it would no longer place ads on LRC, so slashing some badly-needed operating revenue. Control over what the public reads and hears is nearly total; yet nary a thug invaded an Editor's office and all of them stay out of government ownership, at least nominally, in true Fascist style. Göbbels would have been impressed.

Can anything be done? - I think so. Indeed, it is being done; thanks to the Net, quite large numbers of small publications are available to those who look for them - I mentioned a few in Journalism, R.I.P.  Off-Guardian is very fine, and Margaret Anna Alice runs a highly stimulating blog site. This ZGBlog is itself another. Kent McManigal's is another excellent one, written daily, and The Daily Bell is enjoying a well-deserved resurgence. Happily there are many, and that brings an advantage pre-War Germans never had; the loudspeakers of the State are huge but few, while we have a large number of smaller ones. It may smash one, but another pops up. Like an ill-fitting dam, it will break, it cannot hold long. Always, the ruled greatly outnumber the rulers - and it must always be so; otherwise there would be no point in, or possibility of, ruling.

The other great advantage we have is the replicative method used in TOLFA. One person studies, learns, resolves never to work for the State, and recruits another to do the same. The explosive power of that cannot be stopped. To change the analogy yet again, the avalanche will sweep away the entire, revolting structure of government. The method relies only upon each person doing that simple task.

That is how the "Cancel Culture" will be canceled - along with every other government obscenity.

The one drawback is that it takes time. Not much, but some. If one graduate finds one other each year, the number refusing to work for government doubles annually, and so liberates the whole adult US population in 28 years, for 228 = 268 million. So if you've not started yet, do it now.

Quote of the week by a California nurse, who wisely wishes to be anonymous:

Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?


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