21A030 Forced Indoctrination by Jim Davies, 8/10/2021


Something very nasty is going on in DC.

Nothing new in that, of course - it happens every day; but according to American Greatness, this is particularly sinister: the judicial system is being used forcibly to change people's beliefs.

They are a subset of the million who gloriously invaded the Capitol on January 6th, whom the Feds have been able to identify using their extensive surveillance techniques, and then to arrest for trespass, or whatever. With court-appointed "defense" lawyers, they are trying to re-educate the defendants. If they convince the Court that they are no longer Trump-supporting Patriots but, instead, orthodox "liberal" wimps, they get probation and a bearable fine; otherwise, it's the graybar motel. The old Soviet playbook has been dusted off and put to use.

Defense attorneys are supposed zealously to oppose prosecutors and persuade juries to dismiss charges against their clients. In this case it ought not to be too hard; the invaders entered the Capitol without resistance, often engaged the staff in friendly conversation, and the building housed their own representatives and was being maintained at their expense; it is, supposedly, the "people's house." So what crime was being committed? - aside from a broken window or lifted laptop, here and there. But the signs are that the public defenders are not arguing any such things. Rather, they are trying to get deals under which their clients are treated leniently if they reverse their beliefs - but harshly otherwise. It's not a justice function, it's an indoctrination facility.

The AG article above mentions three key books that defendants are told to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Just Mercy, and Schindler's List. I have the first of those and value it highly; the third of them is one of my favorite movies, and from Wiki's description I'd have no problem enjoying Just Mercy. But apparently, the indoctrinators of DC think these are what it will take to change hundreds of Trumpians into obedient little "liberals."

I have news for them. All three of these works relate vicious things governments have done, and which a few brave men have tried to resist. They are by no means an indictment of free individuals, but rather of monstrous State power.

The savagery of the US genocide of Native Americans was done by government, with its army. The job of helping indigent defendants is needed because of the near-infinite resources of government prosecutors (like Kamala Harris) in its "justice" monopoly. And the deliberate extermination of millions of Jews in the German Holocaust was done expressly by the government of that nation.

So if those caught in the government web in DC do read those books with enough careful thought, their understanding of which way is up will improve rather a lot. The main weakness of Trump's movement is his lack of a crisp definition of what "Great" means, in the slogan "Make America Great Again;" the real greatness of this country never lay in its rulers, but in the entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments of those who came here in search of freedom. State Worship, as we noted in 2019, has nothing to do with that.

How to reach these defendants, so as to propose they exercise that careful thought? - if you have contact with Trumpians, begin by referring them to this edition of the ZGBlog.




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