21A024 The Pulse by Jim Davies, 6/29/2021


One of the many bizarre things Sleepy Joe has done since hijacking the Presidency is to declare an Orlando night club "hallowed ground."

It's called the "Pulse" and catered primarily to homosexuals, but in June 2016 was viciously attacked by one Omar Mateen with a machine gun. Forty nine patrons died. The club has been closed since.

If the attack had been by a homophobic bigot trying symbolically to wipe out people who are attracted not to the opposite but to the same gender, one might understand marking the Pulse as some kind of national memorial; at least that would help secure the homosexual vote for Democrats in future elections, to the extent that they don't already have it. They may be only 4% of the population, but in a tight race that can be decisive. Trouble is, it wasn't.

This account of the mass murder clarifies that Mateen was an Islamic radical, killing those Americans as a protest against US intervention in Iraq and Syria (which killed a great many more.) Why he selected the Pulse is not clear, but any homophobia was no more than a secondary motive. Perhaps he picked it because patrons were enjoying a good time, while his friends were being bombed to death by agents of Bush and Obama, whom they had helped elect. One more reason not to vote.

That being so, an appropriate action by the FedGov might have been to honor the memory of those killed by denouncing the endless US interventions in the Middle East and ending them outright. Hasn't happened. Instead the City of Orlando offered to buy the club (using money stolen from taxpayers) and turn it into a memorial, but late in 2016 the owner, Barbara Poma, declined and made plans instead to change it into a museum. Now comes the Biden plan to make it a National Memorial. In each case the focus was not on the actual cause of the tragedy (the continuing US wars in the MidEast) but on the patrons' lifestyle preference.

In the coming zero government society there will be no wars of foreign intervention, so the savage blowback of protesters like Mateen will not arise. Nor will there be any State to express an opinion, for or against, about sexual orientation; it will, as is proper, a personal matter exclusively. Nor will there be any elections or attempts to corral votes from this group or that. And if any do not like homosexuals enjoying themselves, they will be quite free not to trade, or associate themselves, with them; and vice versa. Bigotry may persist, but it will be expressed only at the expense of the bigots.

And if, despite all that, one of them should launch a murderous attack, his targets will be well prepared to defend themselves with firearms carried on their persons as a matter of course, without legal impediment. He may kill some with the advantage of suprise, but forty nine, before someone takes him out? - I think not.






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