20A038 Jane Eyre's Job  by Jim Davies, 9/22/2020


This is a very good time for teachers to quit their jobs.

Government schools are sometimes open, sometimes not; shambles prevails. The bogus plague has put the whole system in a tizzy, and that's about the only useful thing to come out of it; parents are actually getting a taste of what it's like to home-school!

All good novels relate closely to real life, and the one Charlotte Brontë wrote called Jane Eyre tells the romantic tale of an unloved child in the England of the 1810s, who grows to be a school teacher and then leaves to be a governess. The school she quits is not a State one - they had not at that time been invented - but she had good teaching skills and wanted to focus them on one (or a few) children. So she took a post with a wealthy landowner who paid her £30 a year.

At first sight, that's a pittance; less than $1 a week. However, at the time £1 meant one pound of silver, which today is worth $440; so her annual salary was in real terms about $13,200. In addition she was given free good class accommodation, and free meals; compare those benefits with lodging in a hotel at, say, $100 a day and her total compensation was similar to $50,000 a year today, all of it tax free. Not at all bad, for a young lady near the start of her career.

To repeat, the present is an excellent time for teachers in the US government school monopoly to quit their jobs, like Jane, and look instead for opportunities to bring their teaching skills to a small number of client children and their parents. The QuitGov site at TinyURL.com/QuitGov is the go-to resource and while it's probable that such a move will bring a pay reduction initially, to start a small private teaching business will prove enormously rewarding in the long run, including as it will a freedom from the suffocating administration that governs every action in the monopoly, and the mind-crushing curriculum that promotes the notion that government is good and necessary; to say nothing of the present disruption from the alleged pandemic.

The business opportunity is there now, because parents too are fed up with the disruption and want their children to get back to studies. They may be tied to the home if the kids are young, and some will want to get back to their own jobs rather than to follow the best option of all (to home-school directly) so there is a market for "governesses" to bypass the system for them.

Demand consists always of the wish plus the money, so the aspiring tutor will want to know if such parents can afford to pay. The answer is Yes; a few will be able to pay directly and others may consider with-holding a portion of their prop-taxes since the schooling which those fund has proven unsatisfactory. The saving will go instead to the private teacher. Perhaps it will be only $100 a week. When she has built up a clientele of 10 children, she'll have that $50K a year.

Would she be able to handle as many as 10 kids? Jane Eyre would not, for sure; but today, with each equipped with a PC and the Net, no problem. The tutor will be there either in the room or on-screen to guide individually, and will teach only what parents and students, as customers, desire - instead of what government indoctrinators desire.

But can prop-taxes really be with-held like that? - of course. The Town or State will huff, puff and threaten legal action, but it will be years before any eviction can be executed; and meanwhile the kids will be educated, which is the top priority, and ever more parents will be joining the pioneers in protest, so past-due taxes will become uncollectible. The monopoly monster will have been slain.

That in turn will bring the incalculable benefit of a new generation no longer drilled to see government as That Which Must Be Obeyed; and as we saw in Dumbed, such is the primary lesson now taught in the monopoly. Instead, Authority will be questioned, all over the map. Should another plague be alleged, people will demand convincing evidence, not merely opinions from government "experts." If a war is proposed, people will ask who poses the threat, and how, and why should they leave home, hearth and work and help government to fight it. If a tax is demanded, people will ask Whose money is it, anyway?

It will then be only a short time before teachers in the new industry place TOLFA on the curriculum - for parents as well as children! - and then the era of government will be close to its long needed end. Those teachers will seldom have the chance, like Jane Eyre, to marry their employers - but they will have the huge satisfaction of having materially helped to liberate mankind.

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