20A019 Some Stimulating Thoughts by Jim Davies, 5/12/2020   



Most unfortunately, the text of this ZGBlog was deleted without hope of recovery, in May 2021. Very sorry about that.

If I recall correctly its theme had to do with the first ($600 each) release of "money" created out of nothing and so with a tab coming due at some time on future payers of taxes. Either it will be identified as a tax to repay that mortgage-like loan, or more likely it will simply be concealed in general price rises (ie, inflation) or as a failure to realize real gains in living standards despite increases in productivity. Never did the b-sticker "We're spending our kids' inheritance" apply more closely.

This is this logical end-result of the swindle foisted on mankind a hundred years ago by John Maynard, Lord Keynes, whose theory of money was that governments can create it out of nothing and, when circumstances like an economic downturn suggest, should do so. Pols greedy for tax-free votes were delighted. King's College, Cambridge should be ashamed - and cancel his degree.

But there we are: the original is lost. The Archive has many others.






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