19A040 HIHOP by Jim Davies, 10/1/2019    


The recent anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was accompanied by the usual moans about government inconsistencies, lies and refusals to explain what happened. The complaints are well justified, but by now the complainers ought to have come up with a consistent outline of what really took place; perhaps not as fully detailed as Oliver Stone's account of the Kennedy assassination in "JFK", but an outline, at least, that fits the known facts. They haven't.

During the week of the attacks, I made and uploaded this short mini-site to offer a missing focus on the "Why?" behind them; it was clear to me that the FedGov's half century of support for the Israeli State is what motivated Muslim fanatics to carry them out. A recent article in LRC, however, suggests that while that remains the underlying motive, there could be a more subtle and roundabout process at work, which I'd missed; it's by Eric Margolis. Margolis is a professional journalist with a lifetime of investigation and experience actually interviewing key players in the worldwide government theater, and he has a rare ability to explain what's going on. He's much less impressive in commenting on what ought to be going on, showing little appreciation of free-market economics, or of the need to rid the world of governments; but if one wants a perceptive report about who's doing what right now, Margolis is nearly always well worth reading.

His take is that the 20 killers were organized and trained by an Al Q'eda faction working with one of the groups in Arabia that bitterly opposes the Saud family and wants to replace it; he says there are four such groups. They may have been implicated with the Houthi rebels in Yemen in the recent drone attacks. This would account for the fact that most of the 20 were from Arabia, not elsewhere in the Middle East. Their motive would have been to hit the "Great Satan" not just for inserting Jews into Palestine, but also for occuping part of their holy land now ruled by Saudis; a double reason to hate America.

That still leaves unanswered the big question of whether (and how) the FedGov "Let" it happen on purpose, or "Made" it do so, actively directing all its details. No question, 9/11 enabled it massively to increase its power and control over Americans, which is always its top purpose; the Patriot Act was all ready, written and waiting for a suitable shocking crisis and a Congressional rubber stamp. So certainly, 9/11 was a bonanza for the archists. Yet the "911 Truth" folk have still not published an answer to that question, as a theory of what did take place.

So just for fun, I'll toss in a new possibility, mid-way between the two, and call it the HIHOP theory: that the FedGov "Helped It Happen On Purpose." There's no evidence for or against it, but nor is there any for any other theory; I weave it out of whole cloth, like both the others.

HIHOP holds that über-archists in some obscure office of the CIA, with the full approval of Clinton, Bush and Cheney and the help of PNAC, infiltrated Al Q'eda in Arabia and helped it form a plan to bring down the Towers and strike at both the Pentagon and the Capitol (the latter was ended by Todd Beamer and his brave friends in a Pennsylvania field) using hijacked airplanes. Agents facilitated entry to the US by the 20 killers and helped some of them get pilot training.

What the killers didn't know (for they had no need to know) is that at the same time, remote-control packages were being perfected ready to instal on the chosen planes, with help from agents planted in American and United Airlines. These were "plug-in" circuits that, on receiving a signal from the ground, would take control of the aircraft and over-ride pilot input. Thus, the Al Q'eda thugs completed the hijacking and flew the planes towards their targets, but for the final few minutes of the flights control actually passed to experts on the ground who directed them precisely.

The reason for that was to ensure there was no failure. The Al Q'eda pilot might, for example, have lost his nerve or erred in his aim, and missed a Tower; that would never do. This was very important for the Pentagon flight, of AA11; the pilot is believed to be one Hani Hanjour, whose spotted history suggests he was a very inferior flyer; yet the task of aiming his 757 at a low target at high speed was so tricky that some professional 757 pilots have said they could not have done it. But a remote controller could, especially if the device was programmed to direct the aircraft into the building as accurately as Autoland directs one to a runway.

The NIST (government) account of why the Twin Towers collapsed seems very credible to me; I think its critics are foolish to waste time on unsupported theories that hundreds of thermite bombs were placed on support columns to ensure collapse - all without anyone noticing. So the Help of my HIHOP theory does not extend that far - there was no need for it. The only doubt lies in WTC7.

That tower collapsed in the afternoon of 9/11/01 after being hit by several large bits of debris and with ten fires burning. NIST concluded that one of the hits dislodged a critical column, and after fires caused beams it supported to expand so as to make them slip off the residue, the whole steel structure then fell like a 3-D structure of dominoes. That too does not seem incredible to me, and in any case WTC7 was a "bonus"; there was no call for it to be specified as a HIHOP target, and it wasn't. The only remaining puzzle is owner Silverstein's strange remark to the fire chief, after it appeared unstable: "Let's pull it."

His words were chosen so as not to alarm his insurers, but are obscure. Some say they meant "Go ahead, trigger the explosives and bring it down" but that would mean that the fire chief as well as the owner knew that WTC7 had been wired with thermite; and that, I cannot believe.

There you are: you read it here first. But interesting though they may be, all these theories are peripheral, be the right one LIHOP, MIHOP or HIHOP - or none of the above. Far more important is the undeniable fact that the FedGov is the primary culprit and has blood all over its hands, because it gave the killers their motive: for over 50 years, it sustained the State of Israel and placed its fingers all over Arabia, so stirring the hornets' nest of Muslim fanaticism.

In the coming zero government society, there will exist nobody to do any such stirring.

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