19A025 Police Power by Jim Davies, 6/18/2019    


In March, some Concerned Citizens arrested about 300 migrants hoping to enter this Land of the Free via some hole in the fence along the Southern border- and were accused of kidnapping:

These individuals should not attempt to exercise authority reserved for law enforcement,” New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said in response to reports that members of the United Constitutional Patriots militia – which claims to be made up of ex-cops and veterans – had captured a massive group of illegal immigrants after they entered the US through a fence near the town of Sunland, New Mexico earlier this week. - rt.com

Now, let's leave aside the matter of whether refugees or work-seekers need a FedGov permit before walking on the North side of an imaginary line. A very important NM lawyer asserted that the only people who should impede them need the "authority" of "Law enforcement." It's reserved! Put down your guns!

Question: from where exactly did "law enforcement" goons get any "reserved authority" whatsoever? - on whose behalf do they claim to be acting?

From the boss of Homeland Security, obviously, and so from the Prez, or is it Congress, and so ultimately from... the People. They're there for Us.

These "unauthorized vigilantes" were the very people who had authorized the brave "authorized law enforcement" guys to round up these invaders on their behalf; so when they noticed that the job wasn't being done well enough, they saddled up and did it themselves. That NM lawyer has nothing at all about which to bitch. He ought to be glad of the help, and apologize that his hired agents weren't up to the job.

However, we must look closer. In a rational society - the coming zero government one - who if anyone has the rightful power to exclude migrants from land claimed by people calling themselves the "State of New Mexico"? - answer, nobody, for those people are making a bogus claim. The land is vacant - nobody has worked it, and nobody can own land without mixing his labor with the soil - or the sand - and staking a claim. And the NM State is in any case bogus in total, a legal fiction, consisting of nothing and nobody; a myth or pretense.

No not only is that legal muckety-muck asserting rubbish, the "United Constitutional Patriots" are also up a gum tree; they too have no valid business running anyone off wilderness land. Or, of course, authorizing anyone else to do so for them, as above.

If the land were owned by somebody, that would be different. Javier Escobar has claimed a strip of land, registered and marked it, and has worked it, eg by starting to erect solar panels and planting rare cacti, it's his; and he is fully entitled to exclude from it anyone at all, with whatever degree of force is needed to accomplish the exclusion (though not more.) That's what "ownership" means; and if he so wishes, he can delegate that task to others, authorizing them to act on his behalf. That's how it will be, in the ZGS. Any owner has that right because the property is his, because he has the axiomatic right of self-ownership and either invested his own labor to acquire the land, or else exchanged other property for it in a voluntary transaction.

By extension, this simple and adequate principle applies also to all "police" actions. Nobody at all can rightly have or exercise any authority he has not been given. You see A attacking B - you can, if you wish, go to the assistance of B and intervene, with whatever force is needed to stop the attack. You can (in a rational ZGS) address the attacker and take note of his description on behalf of B (who may not be conscious) and tell him to expect an invitation to B's choice of court. All this, anyone can do - including any defense company that may have been retained by B or yourself. But not more.

Will there be a "power of arrest"?

No, or certainly not in the sense that it's exercised today. There could be a case in which A (above) has not only attacked B but also, after he's credibly given you details of who he is, continues kicking B or makes it clear by his behavior that he is about to set upon C and D and maul them also. Assuming you have the means, it would be very reasonable of you to prevent those attacks by putting A into irons or otherwise disabling him until he cools off. Indeed, if he were to attack C in a way that appears potentially lethal, you could justifiably kill him so as to prevent the murder. C would surely appreciate the help.

But to handcuff A and march him off to a cage when he does not pose a new threat to anyone? After he has shown who he is and noted he may be invited to court? - no, there is no such need, so you have no such right. If he fails to show for the hearing, he will lose heavily as shown in Justice in the ZGS; and he'll know that.

Quite possibly, one kind of player in the ZGS justice system will be a defense company or firm of apprehenders; detectives who track down kriminals and invite them to court. Members of such groups will have the same powers as you did in the examples above; no less, but no more. "Police power" as now flouted everywhere, will end; and not a day too soon.





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