19A024 Colors of Evil by Jim Davies, 6/11/2019    


Evil can happen when one or more impose their will on other(s). It's a pretty good definition of what evil is: the denial of self-rule, self-ownership.

It is done by kriminals, who force someone to conform to their wishes; to surrender property under threat of force, to submit to assault, injury or even death so that the kriminal can enjoy perverted pleasure. And the most pervasive kriminals anywhere are those working for an organized krime syndicate that calls itself "government."

As we saw in Minority Rule, that syndicate is and must always be small, relative to the society it victimizes; and to deceive it into accepting the syndicate's rule it employs a variety of fables. Those fables are here called colors, or shades, of evil.

Autocracy has been a very widely used one, since that awful day ten millennia ago when government began; one person, and his progeny, is said to have special powers to rule everyone else. It's amazing that anyone could swallow such humbug, but history tells us they did. "Kings" were elevated to positions of high honor, even; and any rival criminal is caged or killed. Their record is miserable; they raided neighboring kingships, using their subjects as cannon fodder. Fable had it that their special status had been bestowed by a god, a concept devoid of any rational evidence for existence but alleged to be infinitely powerful and wise, the very Author of life. So when a King fathered a son, clearly the Will of God was that the son should in due course succeed him.

Sometimes the autocracy took a different and temporary form; Hitler was a good example. His vision and oratory was such as to enthrall a whole population (or at any rate, a voting plurality) to endorse his leadership, and he became Führer for life. Worked fine for a while; later when he made mistakes, everyone lost big.

Plutocracy is another, very similar to Oligopoly; rule by the rich and the few. That's very close to what actually applies in today's America. It was developed gradually from the Nation's founding, receiving a big boost as Lincoln's party gained and held power in and after the War to Prevent Secession. Republicans were eager to divert money confiscated from taxpayers into commercial bringers of "improvements", notably railroads. Raising funds by cultivating politicians was much easier than by selling shares. The ZGBlog on The Progressive Era notes how this State / Corporate alliance, best called Fascism, came to fruition in the years around 1900.

The net effect is to reduce competition and so to raise prices, restrict freedom and enlarge government. The rich gain money and Pols gain power; as shown, again, in Minority Rule.

Democracy means "people rule" literally, but never happens for real; as again shown in that ZGBlog, it is impossible for a majority to rule a minority for after a short while there will be nothing left for it to plunder. Democracy is therefore a fraud, a disguise for some flavor of oligopoly. "We are the government" is a lie of the first magnitude, yet sometimes the phrase can still serve as a soporific. Such is public gullibility, especially after 12 years in a government school.

Sometimes the oligarchs take the risk of placing specific decisions out to the people, so as to "prove" that democracy is alive and well. Two examples from the UK illustrate this: in 2014 Scots voted whether or not to remain in the Kingdom and (just as the oligarchs in Westminster expected) the outcome was to remain. Then in 2016 the whole country voted whether or not to remain in the EU, and this time the trick came unstuck; the oligarchs wanted approval to remain and expected it, but a clear majority said instead to leave.

That choice has yet to be implemented. Democracy is not, so far, in operation.


Whatever the style and color of governing, it is invariably evil for the reason shown in Para 1, and must be rooted out. We humans are each entitled by nature to rule ourselves, but nobody else. To rule means to create dissatisfaction, to impose it on whoever prefers a choice opposing the ruler's pick. Hence, government is necessarily a generator of conflict and preventer of progress. That conflict will not disappear, nor that progress accelerate, until E-Day arrives.

And that, dear Reader, is in your hands.



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