19A014 Antwon by Jim Davies, 4/2/2019    


Across America, police kill 1,000 suspects every year and a disproportionate fraction of them are black - see Why BLM Matters. One particularly nasty execution took place in East Pittsburgh on June 19th 2018 when Antwon Rose, a black kid aged 17, was shot in the back while running away by an armed, uniformed government thug named Michael Rosfeld.

Rosfeld was tried for murder last month and acquitted.

Rose had exited a car whose occupants had just committed a drive-by shooting, and it happened that the police found them quickly. Then Antwon saw a chance to escape and took it - but Rosfeld shot him dead as he ran.

How will such a situation probably play out in the coming zero government society?

First, there will be no government schools so to bore any kids to tears that they prefer to roam the streets committing violence for sport. They will need to eat, and there will be no anti-drug laws to magnify the price of drugs so there will be little profit to be made dealing them; hence, they will look for actual jobs, with wages; and since there will be no minimum wage laws to exclude low-skill teens from finding simple work, they will find it. So, drive-by sport shootings will be far less frequent. But perhaps, for a few years, they won't vanish altogether.

Second, no anti-gun laws will prevent honest folk walking the neighborhood carrying the means to defend themselves and others, so should they find themselves under attack they will shoot back - in self defense, unlike Officer Rosfeld. But let's say that it happens, and that the shooters drive away. Let's also suppose that a local defense company is called in (by a residents' association perhaps) and locates the shooters' car and tracks down the occupants.

The company will have no special powers plain folk don't have, but having found the suspected culprits they will invite them to a court company's premises to face their accusers. They would be foolish to decline the invitation, for then the verdict will be rendered with no defense having been offered, and the matter will be very openly published on the Net. If they then ignore that verdict (failing to pay compensation to the victim) they will be shunned; nobody will hire them or otherwise do business with them. Starvation will loom.

In that scenario it's hard to imagine one of them physically running away, but suppose somehow that happens. Will an employee of the defense firm shoot him in the back, as Rosfeld did? - no. The most he might do would be to give chase, so as to close the matter quickly rather than having to waste time later tracking down the fugitive. How the chase ends will depend on how many doughnuts the chaser habitually consumes, and a competitive company is likely to keep its agents fit. There will be no question of summarily executing the one fleeing, for then the company would be on the hook for committing far more aggression than was needed, and in any case a dead perp can pay no restitution.

Suppose, though, that against all probability as above, a defense employee does go berserk and kill a suspect; what then? - as shown in Justice in the ZGS he will be brought to court by the victim's family, and ordered to pay compensation. He will have violated the non-aggression principle, by using far more force than was required. Now compare that with the farce of Officer Rosfeld's trial.

There, laws have made it a crime to evade police officers, so Rose was violating the law by moving his legs. The law has given (where from?) police officers special powers of arrest and detention. The government judge is empowered (by whom?) to "instruct" the jury in those matters. The jury is selected by counsel to sympathize with cops, instead of being chosen at random. The laws, the judge, both lawyers and the defendant were employed or licensed by the same outfit: the Pennsylvania government. So, to the great angst of Antwon's family and friends, this jury sent him home innocent. Such is its "justice" monopoly, and no part of it is in more urgent need of total abolition. Happily, after E-day it will take its place in history's ashcan.


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