19A004 One World, Free by Jim Davies, 1/22/2019    


One-world government is a concept repugnant to conservatives and libertarians for many decades past; the idea that powerful forces are moving the human race towards a single, ruled society in which individual countries are submerged and governed by an omnipotent overlord and even flimsy protections like the US Bill of Rights are swept away. The United Nations is said to be part of that unfolding plan, and the eminences grises behind it all are said to be family dynasties like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Bilderbergers.

Well, maybe. I can see that of the UN, but take the rest with a large pinch of salt.

So it was a bit startling to see recently on a forum I haunt a post from one calling himself "oldcableman" that "People are much better off united than divided. The entire world needs to be united." In context, it was clear he was opposed to any kind of secession, anywhere.

I responded by asking whether then he thought the US Declaration of Independence was a terrible mistake, and he replied that yes, the Colonials "should have stayed and changed the way things were." I acknowledged that in several ways that could have brought more peaceful 19th and 20th Centuries, but ended "So, do you say it can now be reversed? Should Congress go out of business and the 50 States apply to join the British Commonwealth?" To that, he made no reply.

I'm sure he was thinking, like most people, in terms of government agreements. He wants them all to get together nicely and submit themselves to an overall ruling body; imagine 200-odd delegates in the UN assembly hall singing Kum Ba Yah. A similar sentiment was engraved in the stone of the first BBC building in London: "Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation." Sure; and a few years later one of its transmitters broadcast a declaration of war on Germany.

"Nations" are mere tax farms; areas containing people who are partially enslaved for the benefit of governments; or as Thomas DiLorenzo put it, "The purpose of government is to allow those who run it to plunder those who don’t."

Then they rather often take the chance to grab a slice of some neighboring government's farm and add it to their own. The idea that they could ever agree to stop such poaching by surrendering their sovereignties is a fairy tale. It was tried once, here in the US; eighty years later some of them wanted out from under the FedGov, but got slaughtered.

Nothing is wrong, mind, with oldcableman's sentiment; of course it would be wonderful if conflicts ended and we all got along. The problem is the means; it can never be done by governments, because in their core nature governments are expressions of force. Everything they all do is based upon aggression. It has to be achieved in quite a different way; not by trying to hammer states together, but by melting them out of existence.

So imagine the UN assembly chamber again, but empty. Waiting, perhaps, to be sold off for some useful purpose, such as a concert hall - but with no delegates from any government. Could this be caused to happen?

Certainly it could, and it will. Here's how.

1. Graduate from the Freedom Academy, thoroughly grasping the intellectual imperative of liberty

2. Recruit one friend a year and help him or her through it, and

3. Resign any job that may be held in the government sector.

That's the "GRR" process for individuals, and it's perfectly peaceful, and after the resulting exponential growth has deprived government in any nation of the people working for it, that nation will be a zero government society. I expect America will be the first to complete that simple process, but others will start while it's going on; very likely Canada, and other English-speaking countries. Then with the help of some translation and adaptation, schools like TOLFA will be available in other cultures and, within the lifetimes of younger readers here, that UN chamber will get vacated.

That annual doubling of the population of graduates means the job can be done rather quickly. China's 1.5 billion can be educated in less than three years longer than it takes for America's 300 million, for example - do the math. It's an enormously powerful method. Time is however required to set it up, for those cultures that have little in common with ours, and that will be the key task needed in the 2020s and -30s.

But well before the Century's end, I can see the job will be easily done. At long last, after 10,000 bloodied years of the Government Era, the whole world will once again be one. In freedom.


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