17A018 Marine by Jim Davies, 5/2/2017    


In the 2015 ZGBlog Ending Mass Migration I showed why, rationally, that can only be done when governments disappear. A confirmation comes with the possible election in France next week of Marine LePen as President.

I'm not familiar with the details of her program, but understand that as well as promising a "Frexit" referendum on whether or not to stay in the EU, it aims to stop the influx of Muslim immigrants, who now make up 11% of the population, and maybe send some of them back home - often, to Algeria. This culture-clash problem is acute for France, and came about as a result of French colonization of that country, of naming it as an integral though overseas "Départment" or division of the homeland, and of the bitter war that preceded independence in 1962. But I did get to wonder how such repatriation could be done in practice, given that six or seven million people are involved; more than the number of Jews Hitler exterminated.

That earlier ethnic cleansing sprang from the Nazi belief that Jews owed their highest loyalty to the international Jewish race, the Chosen People, and therefore could not be truly German, with patriotic loyalty in top position. Accordingly, they decided to purge them from German society, and initially were helped by a mild, widespread prejudice against Jews which was and is found in many countries.

That support did not extend to the more intense persecution that followed, so its details were hidden from public view. The average German of the Nazi era may have preferred the company of Aryans, but very few favored the execution of everyone else.

First, Jews were deprived of leading jobs; notably none were allowed to teach in Universities. Then they were encouraged to emigrate. Then they were deprived of property, and eventually concentrated in camps, and then the killing began, with the "Final Solution" of the gas chambers being put into action in 1942. So I got to wonder how far along that path Ms LePen might progress, in France with Muslims - who also have a higher loyalty than to La Patrie.

She might enact first a No-Welfare law. Okay, there should be none for anybody, except the voluntary kind; but she might restrict government welfare to French citizens, or perhaps to anyone who publicly repudiates Islam. That would make Muslim residency in France much less attractive, because to disown that religion may call down a death penalty from some Ayatollah. If the test were one of citizenship, she might deny it to Muslims. That would mean cancelling the citizenship of those Muslims who have already become French. Quel problème!

From there it would be fairly easy to deny entry to France to any who did not repudiate Islam, unless a special visa had been granted (to specialists in some urgently needed field, for example.) So, incentives would be in place for Muslims to leave the country, and for new ones not to arrive. Result: a reduction. Massive dislocation of innocent families, but the presumed government objective would be on its way to implementation.

More needed yet? - then might begin the concentration of unwanted residents in camps; there is plenty of precedent. The British did it in South Africa while waging the Boer War; FDR did it here with Americans of Japanese ethnicity, and all over the Mid East, huge refugee camps are populated by people who are not wanted as regular members of the host country, bringing their skills to compete with those already in place. And of course, most famously it was done by the German government, which put campers to work as slaves and when a surplus developed, killed it off by starvation and then rat poison.

The disruption and anger generated by any of these possible "remedies" by a LePen government would be so huge as to make the outrageous riots and murders, already perpetrated in France by disaffected Muslim youth, appear minor. These people have in each country in which they have sought refuge shown already that they have no respect for its values, so the result would be some kind of civil war; a serious escalation of violence. As each side suffered hits, survivors would plan greater ones. Unlike the rather complacent and submissive German Jews of the 1930s, these young men would go on a rampage for Allah, amplifying the already common practice of murder-suicide and by no means meekly surrendering their guns and plastique.

What its eventual outcome would be, who can tell? - but for sure, the politico-religious strife in Ulster during the second half of the 20th Century shows how civil society can readily be ruined. I lived in England for much of that period, and cannot recall seeing a single travel advertisement tempting me to cross the Irish Sea for a vacation in the delights of Belfast or the Mountains of Mourne.

So, then, for France's future; I hope Marine LePen defeats the hugely handsome Emmanuel Macron, for he is a plain Socialist and offers no solution at all to this, France's main problem. But even if she does, the future as above is terribly bleak. That is exactly the impasse; the crisis of unnatural immigration was created by government, and cannot be solved by government. Its after-taste will be bitter anyway, but can be solved only by the disappearance of government.





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