15A042 Let's Boycott Bud by Jim Davies, 7/5/2015    


As a beer, I've nothing against it; okay but unexceptional. But when some years ago I tried Sam Adams Double Bock, on the recommendation of my beverage counselor Elmo Zoneball, it spoiled me for all other beers. It's magnificent, with a rich malty taste and a 9.5% ABV; why drink anything else?

The reason came last year. It's a limited-run product, and in its wisdom the Boston Beer Company elected to increase its price steeply and to sell it only in 20-ounce bottles. Twelve at a time is plenty for me, and as my wife doesn't drink that's the end of it. I wore black for a while, but rather than try lesser beers I switched to cider and was pleasantly surprised.

The brew of my choice is Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider; it's reasonably priced, and packs a 5% ABV so delivers an adequate punch. Very refreshing.

But that's just me, and your results may differ. The main reason I share this important information is that a truck drove by me this morning, on its way to deliver some Budweiser. In a giant graphic on its side was the claim that Bud is for heroes. The graphic illustrated the "heroes."

I'd like to show it to you, but it's far more elaborate than the image here and I couldn't find it on the Bud web site; perhaps it's easier to remove from there than from the side of a truck. As I recall, it showed the profiles of a fast Coast Guard or Navy vessel coming right at you, a couple of tanks with guns raised ready to spit, a fighter jet flying overhead, and some other military toys designed to bring out the macho in every drinker. And it called the drivers and maintainers of these instruments of death, "heroes." It was aiming their beer at that market.

Include me out.

Military employees are not heroes at all. A hero is someone who takes a risk for some valuable purpose, often to save someone else from danger or death. No, not an altruist - someone who lives for others as if that were the pinnacle of morality - but someone who performs such a rescue because it enhances his own self-esteem. And that does not describe a kid intoxicated by the idea of danger, excitement, pay way higher than his limited abilities would earn him in a free market, lifetime medical and other benefits, and the pleasure of destroying human lives on the orders of the government.

They aren't heroes if they volunteer, for that makes them killers for hire. And they aren't heroes if they are drafted, for that means they submitted to those orders to kill rather than suffering the inconvenience of relocating to Canada, Sweden, or some other place where testosterone flows more peacefully. They might be heroes if they take up arms to defend family and friends from an occupying force; such guerrilla or "porcupine" defense would be the only kind to be seen in a zero government society, in the very unlikely event of its being invaded. Otherwise, they're just licensed murderers.

After governments have vanished along with their armies and navies, Budweiser's market will clearly shrink. Meanwhile since the company boosts some of the most un-libertarian characteristics on the Planet, I call here for a boycott of its products. Cheers!


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