15A027 Tail Lights, in the ZGS by Jim Davies, 4/15/2015    


There's no doubt of it: a car without a red rear light is a danger. Not so in daylight, and very little at night on a well-lit city road; but at speed on the highway at night, an unlit vehicle is a tragedy waiting to happen. In the coming zero government society, I expect that road owners will ensure that customers are equipped with such devices - for if they get a reputation for allowing unsafe drivers on their property, they will risk the loss of business.

The risk of resistance is very small. What driver sets out to go lampless into the night? Who loves to be rear-ended, for want of a pair of tail-lights? - too few to count. On occasion we may forget to switch lights on, especially if the street lamps are strong, but to do so deliberately? - no. Not without some quite nefarious intent. So when a fellow user of the road signals that something is amiss, we check our indicators, maybe stop and look around, and put it right. It's common sense. Nobody goes without a tail light on purpose, or not for longer than it takes to buy a replacement.

In the current governed regime, the subject is riddled with rules; never mind the circumstances or intention, if your tail light is out, it's a crime (albeit minor) and in addition to the repair cost you may have a fine to pay, to an uninvolved third party. This can bring fatal consequences.

Carl Drega's pickup had some rust in Colebrook, NH, in 1995 and Carl had suffered a long sequence of harassment by the town bullies as related here. So when on August 19th a couple of cops strutted over to ticket him for the infraction, he "snapped." This happened to be the day his patience ended. He pulled a gun and killed them both.

Then he found two others who had been making his life miserable, and killed them too. In the subsequent chase, he injured other cops before being himself shot dead. Five lives ended, because Drega's pickup wasn't shiny bright.

So it was too in North Charleston, NC, on April 7th; Walter Scott had a reason to avoid cops, and when stopped for an alleged faulty tail light (on a Mercedes?) he high-tailed it out of his car. A fatal move; Officer Slager pursued, and shot him dead. In the back. Quite casually and deliberately. That was savage. Had this encounter been between a ZGS road owner's employee and a customer, a note could have been left on Scott's windshield, advising him to repair the tail light so as not to infringe his contract. No pursuit was needed.

Slager then covered his backside by tossing his stun-gun to the grass by Walter's body, so as to provide an excuse. However, thanks to the remarkably brave action of passer-by Feidin Sanatana, he was shot (with a smart phone camera) doing so and has properly been accused of murder.

At first, I thought this was just another prime case of police arrogance and brutality - but it turns out that it was more. In NC at least, to run away from a cop is a felony. A felony is a serious crime. So Slager was actually killing Scott in the very act of committing a serious crime - that is, running away from him. Now he's not a murderer, he's a hero to be commended! Perhaps he will even use that as his defense.

So a cop pulls a gun on you for no apparent reason. You run away, thereby becoming a felon, and get shot while committing your crime. Dead if you don't, dead if you do. Neat trick; but notice, it was pulled not just by the police, but by the writers of that vicious law. Walter Scott is dead not just because Slager is a racist killer, but because government people wrote a law.

In the coming zero government society there will be no lawmakers and so no laws, and no police with special powers that plain Mundanes do not have; so a Slager-Scott type of incident will not be able to happen. Nor will a Drega kind of saga, for everyone will be free to maintain his own property as he sees fit, and there will be no police to harass him.

As for tail lights, should one fail I imagine any number of enterprising youngsters will treat the driver to an offer, of the kind "Sir, I notice your light is out. May I fix it for you? My price is 30 silver grams [about $20 2015] including materials and labor, at any local parking spot of your choice."

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