15A023 Why the Airbus Crashed by Jim Davies, 3/30/2015    


Surprisingly fast, the immediate cause of the 3/24 Germanwings disaster became clear; co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately flew his A320 into a mountain. But ZGBlog readers will want to probe rather deeper than that.

So the primary reason for the tragedy is that a pilot whom 149 others trusted with their lives betrayed that trust. Psychiatrists have already begun to plumb the way his mind was working - and his ex-girlfriend has already reported him as promising to give the world something to remember him by - and I'll not try to compete with them. Perhaps he was a rather competent flyer, but held himself to yet higher standards, which he found he could not meet; and then blamed everyone else for the failure. We shall see.

What can be said here is that for sure, he was brought up in a culture based on hierarchy and obedience to authority, rather than on individual sovereignty with obligations owed only as a result of voluntary contracts. That's no longer just a German phenomenon, though it did flower from the "Prussian model" of education; in 200 years, it's become worldwide. Instead of regarding other people as valuable partners in life, we are all taught to see them as either superior to ourselves or inferior. Lubitz was contracted to take care of his crew and passengers, but instead he murdered them all, as enemies who had frustrated him. Like John Hinckley and Mark Chapman, he apparently wanted infamy more than honest achievement.

It's rare even today for such a twisted attitude to result in dreadful action, but once all have been re-educated to perceive society as horizontal rather than hierarchical, in the coming ZGS that will be far rarer yet.

Second reason that 149 unwillingly died: the cockpit door system had been deliberately designed to keep people out; and that prior to 2001 that was not the case. Government laws were written to turn cockpits into fortresses. Said Philip Baum, of Aviation Security International: "The kneejerk reaction to the events of 9/11 with the ill-thought reinforced cockpit door has had catastrophic consequences.”

So while the primary cause of the crash was Lubitz' decision to murder his passengers, the second was the writing of a law; the dead hand of government intervened to prevent a possible solution. Why did government do that? (aside from the obvious reason that they never do anything other than write and enforce laws) - because of 9/11.

The third reason the Airbus crashed is therefore that the 9/11 attacks took place. Four airliners were hijacked by Muslim warriors, as is very well known, and all that succeeded because other government laws, enacted several years previously, prevented passengers and crew carrying handguns. But for that prohibition, the chances are good that there would have been no "9/11." And therefore no fortress cockpits, no TSA surveillance, and no disaster last week. In the ZGS some airlines may prohibit guns, but the policy will be theirs, not government's; the market will choose.

9/11 succeeded, but why did it even take place? - there lies the fourth reason for the recent disaster. It happened because successive US governments had for six decades pursued a foreign policy that enraged Muslims all over the world - by consistently favoring the State of Israel with interventions in the Middle East. The Why of 9/11 was never asked or answered in the mainstream press, but was perfectly obvious to this writer after a couple of days' thought.

Finally, why does the FedGov so favor Israel? - because it has a foreign policy, which can be manipulated by the best-organized and most generous lobbyists in D.C. If there were no such policy - no Department of State - there would be no levers of power for such lobbyists to grab. And that is the fifth reason 150 dismembered bodies were scattered over the Alps last week.

So the root cause of the recent crash is that the US government favors some nations over others; that is, it has a foreign policy. To prevent recurrence, therefore, that power needs to vanish. But there has never been, and never will be, a government without a foreign policy; it's their favorite power. They will never let it go. So, what needs abolition is not just the State Department, but the whole kit 'n caboodle. This A320 crashed because governments exist.

Abolition of government is of course what we're all about here on the Zero Government Blog, and the means to achieve it is spelled out here and here for example; so to re-educate everyone that nobody will work for it. Once that is done, not many years from now, in the resulting zero government society there will be no more disasters like the crash of 4U9525. There may alas be accidents, and even suicides and murders, but there will be no interference like the factors above, to make them worse than they would otherwise be.



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