15A016 The Mind of a Pol by Jim Davies, 3/2/2015    


My Town's dump (aka Transfer Station) is a good place to meet politicians from time to time, whether or not one happens to wish it; they come, prior to elections, to solicit votes. It's where people congregate, and is appropriate for such encounters.

Last week, one of them approached me with a handout. He very politely asked if I would accept it and said he was running for Selectman (one of those who run the town.) I told him government in its nature is totally evil and encouraged him to cancel his plans, and that I was proud not to have voted in a quarter century; but said I'd read it.

I did, and found his career indicated a good experience of management, and that he's served in the US military for some years. The handout mentioned no particular issue or policy that he would favor if elected. Then the following email exchange ensued:

Mr Smith, a pleasure to meet you at the dump yesterday.

There's a sizeable collection of articles at http://www.strike-the-root.com/vote.html that show why to vote is one of the most immoral things a person can do. To offer to be voted for is, I suggest, to take all that and square it. Please, cancel your candidacy and instead, spend some time studying ideas of liberty.

Your handout says you were in the Navy. What is your opinion about Pearl Harbor? Mine is at http://takelifeback.com/oto/otoh215.htm

Clearly, some things government does are necessary. You may reasonably ask how they would get done, in a society without one. Answers are introduced at http://theanarchistalternative.info

If you decide to study the subject, it would be my honor to help.

Jim Davies

masquerading as its own cure
- Robert LeFevre


The pleasure was mine. Thanks for the information. It is always good to see the perspective of others. Be well!


So far, Sam, your response has marked you as a natural politician. You'll do well!

You were pleasant. They all are, until they send in their armed thugs.
I recommended you to take a certain action. You made no reply.
I asked you a question. You didn't answer it.
I anticipated an objection, suggested a solution and made an offer. You ignored it.

Batting 1000!


Sam Smith is not of course his real name - I'm protecting the guilty. Notice though his reply, the bit in brown; it is perfectly inoffensive. He knew he wasn't getting a vote from me, and his aim was to get promises of votes, so to use a pleasant platitude like that was the best use of his time, given that his purpose was fixed. No further reply has come.

It is however also a rejection of reason. I had offered some radical ideas, but he deliberately donned his Teflon coat so that they would drain right off him. His mind was totally closed to new thoughts. He has the ability to seek office, which will give him the satisfaction of power over his neighbors, and will not be deflected. Why bother? Selectmen control the police, and police carry guns. There is a gun in the room.

The Nation's Father Himself said it well: "Government is not reason. It is force." Exactly. That's why no compromise or reform is possible: all of it has to go, absolutely.

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