14A061 Two Key Questions by Jim Davies, 12/4/2014    


Never have I heard an answer to either, that makes any kind of sense; and do not expect one. That makes a good reason to keep asking them. They are:

1. Why exactly should anyone obey a government law? and
2. From where exactly does government get its right to exist?

To the first there's a rather obvious knee-jerk reply: if you disobey a law, you're likely to suffer any of a range of unpleasant consequences. True, but that's might, not right. Does might make right? Even our statist friends will hesitate to say that it does. So pressing this question exposes for them the shabby foundation of their belief-system.

Another might take the form of "because it's morally right" but that evades the question. Some very basic laws may indeed coincide with ethical behavior - but that behavior is then good because it's good, not because it conforms to a law. So those laws are superfluous. Meanwhile the other 99% of laws are not addressed by this reply.

To the second, a couple of answers have been made but neither holds water.

The first is that the ruler is appointed by God. Trouble there is that "God" has never been proven to exist, and that even if He did, His choices of ruler over the centuries have been so appalling as to remove any respect a reasonable person might hold for Him or His choices.

The second is that the ruler is chosen by the people being ruled. This is really silly, though it serves as the current theory. It cannot be true because although it might be possible to appoint someone to rule oneself (eg with a power of attorney) it is not possible to delegate to anyone the power to rule anyone else; for nobody has such power.

The reality is again a matter of might making right, and the solemn ceremonies that seem to legitimize or sanctify the ruler's appointment are totally bogus. They just perfume the cesspool and disguise the fraud.


If you too are unable to find credible answers to both these key questions, it means that everything you have been told about government, by teachers and broadcasters, is false. Therefore it's time for a makeover. It will take some effort. The On Line Freedom Academy is ready to help, and you can begin here. Start with its "Entrance" questionnaire, to discover how much work will be needed. Use the "Benefits" page to decide whether it will be worth the time. Then get down to it, steadily and deliberately. It will be a life-changer.



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