14A059 A Squirrel's Tale by Jim Davies, 11/26/2014    


One of the best web sites I've discovered this year is policestateusa.com. Every few days, it publishes a report of some new police atrocity. Frequently, reports appear only after other government people have had time to massage the message and line themselves up in support of the guilty, showing him to be as innocent as a newborn lamb.

A recent example was the tragic story of a young lady called Samantha Ramsey. She is now dead, shot four times at close range by a cop in Hebron, KY named Tyler Brockman. The Grand Jury that considered the matter this month could find no reason to submit Mr Brockman to a trial.

Click her name to read the details, but in summary she was one of 40 or 50 teenagers enjoying an outdoor party, lubricated by alcohol. Some nearby snitch called the fuzz, and they mounted a raid. Samantha with three friends jumped into her car and tried to escape; Brockman stopped them by killing the driver after having placed himself in front of the car and leaping on to its hood.

Video shows one of her friends wracked with grief, in the road shortly afterwards.

There is a couple of ways one can consider this sad tale. The first is conventional, which view the Grand Jury presumably used; was Brockman doing his duty (yes), was his life at risk (yes, had the car gathered speed and he'd fallen off the hood, he might have died), and so was the shooting justified (yes, it was self-defense.) Case closed, sob sob.

Then there's the other way, which was used by an intelligent squirrel in a nearby tree. Some kids drove up and hung out. Somebody played music, some danced. Bottles were passed around, it got a bit noisy, smootching could be seen (by the squirrel, who knew where to look), the kids enjoyed the fun. Nobody got hurt. Anyone could leave, if desired.

Then a group of men arrived, in brown costumes and cars with flashing blue lights against which our furry friend had to shield his eyes with a raised forepaw, and carrying guns. They shouted orders, wielded handcuffs. The squirrel could clearly tell that these interlopers intended to ruin the party. Consternation broke out, and four youngsters headed for a car to get away.

One of the brown-shirted men told the driver to stop, which she did momentarily, and he then placed himself in her path. She started forward again; everyone else present got well out of the way but brown-shirt clambered on to the hood instead and deliberately shot her dead. As the squirrel saw it, he was in danger while standing in Samantha's path, but he could have easily avoided that by moving sideways; and he did avoid it by moving upwards, on to the hood. Once there, any danger he was in was of his own making, not hers. His self-defense defense was bogus.

All the TV cop-shows Samantha had ever watched portrayed them as Good Guys, out to protect the innocent and to shoot only Bad Guys, so she had every reason to expect that brown-shirt would do the rational thing and move away; so her foot depressed the right pedal instead of the left one. She didn't know he had been told he had special authority, to issue orders to plain people and to kill them at once if they disobeyed. I wonder if she realized that fact, in the few seconds remaining to her life.

At the sound of the shots the squirrel scurried further up his tree, for he knew it was bad news to harmless critters. He saw the car careen into the ditch, and three kids climb out, and watched one of them lose control with grief. He knew that feeling, for his sister had fallen foul of a truck's wheel last year.

Squirrels have sharp eyes, and this one saw matters far more clearly than the Grand Jury. He took a twig and a strip of silver bark next morning and wrote up his report as follows.

1. Brown-shirt was in danger only by his own choice. He could have stepped aside, taken the car's ID, and dealt later with any disagreement he had with the driver.

2. He and his fellow party-poopers were present only because some people calling themselves "the State" held the opinion that persons aged 16 must not drink alcohol, and had employed brown-shirts to impose that view on partygoers of a contrary persuasion.

3. Those Staters were elected by a majority of other neighbors, but not one of the electors had the right to prevent anyone drinking whatever (s)he wished to drink, at any age - except perhaps their parents, who didn't need either the Staters or their brown-shirted employees to help cause their own children to accept their guidance. Not having such power, the electors could not validly delegate it to the Staters, nor could the Staters validly delegate it to the enforcers. Brockman the brown-shirt, in short, was exercising authority he did not have.

Summary: murder was done in plain sight, and the murderer got clean away with it thanks to his government accessories before and after the fact, so is free to murder anyone else at any time.

Freedom Academy graduates have even more wisdom than the intelligent squirrel.

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