14A040 It's That Date Again by Jim Davies, 9/11/2014    


Thirteen years on, and still none of the noisy "911 Truthers" have come up with even one consistent, credible theory of how the FedGov is supposed to have performed a MIHOP.

For any who have been spaced out since 2001, that means "Made It Happen On Purpose" and supposes that the entire scenario on that dreadful date was micromanaged by the Feds; that means each of the WTC towers, the Pentagon and the UA 93 crash. "False flag", it's alleged, but without a shred of explanation of how it might have been done, by an outfit that cannot deliver the mail on time or even train a rebel force in the Jordanian desert without so badly losing control that it goes berserk a year later in the wrong country.

To manage those four disasters in such a way that thirteen years later not a single one of the necessarily hundreds of participants has blown the whistle, requires a capability simply not present in government. The MIHOPians can scorn the "official version" all they like for its multiple omissions and inconsistencies, but the longer they fail to show how it was all "really" done, the more foolish they look.

The government did it, of course, no question; FedGov policy over six decades caused 9/11. They are absolutely to blame; the attacks were certainly not unprovoked. Repeated bias in favor of the Israeli State, and against the Palestinians whom it displaced, fostered mounting hostility among Muslims over all of that time. First came the airplane hijackings and bombings of the 1960s and 70s. Then the kidnappings and attacks on US assets like the embassies and USS Cole. Then the 1993 attack on the WTC, which failed. Then the second attempt, altogether better managed, in 2001. This was a progression of violent protest, and all of it was caused (as a Hamas spokesman noted on 9/11/01) by "US foreign policy."

Nothing in that perspective is hard to understand; all of it is well known, in the open. Dots needed to be connected, and the mainstream media never did so, but that's all. There was no conspiracy, for none was needed; needle someone long enough, he will retaliate. And that's what took place, thirteen years ago: a spectacular retaliation.

The freedom-destroying Patriot Act was all ready in government word processors for any such occasion, and it was promptly printed up and voted on before there was time to read it, and we have been living under its tyranny ever since. The FedGov may not have known precisely when it could be unveiled, but with all the warnings and signals building up for 40 or 50 years, there could be no doubt that the occasion would arrive. Did they help it along, by infiltrating the Al Q'eda plotters and removing obstacles? - perhaps so, and that would be the LIHOP theory (Let it happen...) which is perfectly credible, though so far I know of no proof that it took place. What mattered was that the provocation was systematic and extended and heavy, and so in 2001 the inevitable retaliation arrived.

In the dozen years since the rubble was cleared, government has rebuilt the WTC with the "Freedom Tower" as its centerpiece; a fine piece of architecture never more cynically named. At 1,776 feet high to symbolize American independence, the FedGov has hobbled independence worldwide by making virtually every country dependent upon it, to degrees great or small. To gain entrance one must be searched and identified as thoroughly as when boarding a flight. Foreign policy (the cause of the ought-one attacks) is as macho and ugly as ever, with two Mid-East wars still not fully concluded and one of them possibly morphing into a third - on Syria, using the leverage provided by ISIS. And by raising a middle finger to the world, as it were, they positively invite a second demolition attempt so that they can run the whole scam over again and slash away even what remains of personal liberty at home. The Israeli State, that darling of the Feds, is so influential in Washington that even the sometimes-libertarian Rand Paul allowed as how the US "should help reinforce Israel’s Iron Dome protection against missiles" after Palestinian missiles had in the recent fracas killed a few dozen in that country while retaliatory rockets had killed three thousand in the Gaza Strip and devastated its infrastructure. "Our government" is very clearly doing its utmost to provoke even more vitriolic hatred against Americans. From its point of view 9/11 was a stunning success, well worth a repeat.

All this is standard operating procedure for governments: create a crisis, a war, an outrage that appears to need its management to overcome, and the population is scared into giving it support, explicitly or implicitly. It's a well tried and proven formula; in the unguarded words of Rahm Emmanuel, "never let a serious crisis go to waste... it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." And how.

If this seems 100% destructive to you, you're right; and the only fix for it is the total dissolution of government. That's what this Blog is about, and here's how it's being done.

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