11A151 Well Done, Ron! by Jim Davies, 12/31/2011    

I withdraw not a syllable of the critiques I've offered here about the flaws in Ron Paul's campaign platform, nor about the uselessness of politicking in general, for the purpose of bringing about a zero government society; it can not be done that way. The only way is to re-educate the entire population to the extent that nobody will work for government, and that process is already taking place.

However, this year's end should not pass without a word of congratulation to a very remarkable man.

Since 1976 Ron has been a lone voice in the US Congress, trying his best to stop the leviathan of government plunging this country into the abyss of poverty and tyranny. He has been ignored and ridiculed on every side - by his own party as well as its main opposition, earning the nickname "Dr No."

Now all his warnings have come home to roost, pretty well exactly as he predicted, and he is offering a fix. He is the only Presidential candidate who understands why the recession happened, and therefore how it can be repaired. He is the only congresscritter who repeatedly denounced the FedGov's war programs, which are now being belatedly recognized as a catgastrophic waste of lives, treasure and worldwide goodwill. Slowly, slowly, he is gaining support among those who ought never to have witheld it - yet they did.

The gain is such that at this writing he is polling around 24% in Iowa, a dead-heat with the Establishment's favorite son, the health-care socialist Mitt Romney. His support has grown steadily, and not fallen off like that of all his rivals'; it seems that once a Republican is convinced by his relentless message, he sticks with it. So he should.

The airheaded commentators are being obliged, through clenched teeth, to utter the hated word "libertarian." Every day! On national TV! This is unprecedented, and is it Ron Paul's achievement. It doesn't seem much, but it's huge. It is often said of any new idea that

  1. first, those in power ignore it
  2. then they attack it as ridiculous and dangerous
  3. finally they accept and implement it as obvious all along

Paul has moved at least a version of libertarianism from Stage 1 to Stage 2. Whether he wins Iowa next week or not, that is one fine accomplishment. It has earned Dr Paul a distinguished place in history and will help the indispensible process of universal re-education, by making it marginally easier for graduates of the Freedom Academy to attract one friend a year (that's all it takes) to study its ideas on liberty. I wish he would fix the inconsistencies in his platform, but I wish him well.

And of course, I wish all readers of this Zero Government Blog a freer, happier and more prosperous 2012.

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