11A120 Murder in Oslo by Jim Davies, 7/28/2011    

There's quite a lot to be learned from the 7/22 tragedy in Norway:

  • as Will Grigg observed: never, ever trust anyone in government uniform
  • one well-prepared individual can cause an immense amount of damage
  • if even a handful of the 600 young socialists in camp had brought a firearm, dozens of lives would have been saved
  • police seldom arrive in time to prevent harm, and in this case took over an hour
  • news reporters haven't got a clue which way is up

Anders Breivik published his 1,500-page Manifesto before leaving on his murder spree, and it gives valuable insight into his mind and motive. He is a conservative, but so of course are millions of others, who like all voters delegate others to do their violence. His particular gripe is that mass migration combined with high fertility will shortly enable Muslims to take over Europe, and so Western standards - or as he calls them, Christian culture - is in dire peril. He blames the social democrats there, operating for half a century to condition populations to perceive all cultures as equal (not merely interesting and entitled to respect) and so provide the invading hordes with a set of open doors.

So on July 22nd, he struck at the head of that movement (bombing government offices) and at its future generation (slaughtering 68 teenagers in training camp.) In one move - which his Manifesto shows is expected to be repeated many times in the coming years - he hit the primary perpetrators and placed a powerful chill on the recruitment of their eventual successors. Given his premises, above, that was an intelligent plan. A bonus for him is that Norway doesn't execute murderers; he lives, and may be out of jail as soon as 2032.

The manifesto doesn't end with a series of such "shock attacks" (Breivik's term.) The plan is to polarize opinion, rattle the established order, undermine its attempts to replicate, and draw "patriots" to his cause who will follow his example, so as eventually to provoke a civil war in each European country which a much-expanded force of modern-day "Knights Templar" (the originals expelled Muslims from Jerusalem) and win it, in 2083. Hence the Manifesto's title.

Breivik has most of his premises completely wrong, though I grant that possibly, Islamic zealots would like to take over the rule of Europe and may see a major opportunity to do it. Also, I agree that rule by Muslims would be even worse than rule by the current bunch; cultures are not equal. Some are barbaric. But when he argues that "the time for talk is over" (page 801) and that violent revolution is now required, he is dead wrong. Like so many conventional thinkers in so many areas, he has failed to analyse the cause of the problem (of mass Muslim immigration) and so naturally fails to see the very simple solution.

There are actually two causes, quite obvious: (1) the US-led invasions of their homelands have made life there hardly tenable for many Muslims, while (2) most European governments have erected lavish, tax-funded welfare programs for all including those who immigrate but (not knowing the language, for example) cannot find work. This is stick and carrot, both of them put in place by governments; when the stick is behind and the carrot in front, the donkey will always move forwards. No sinister plot need be assumed. Breivik explicitly rejects the anarcho-libertarian perception that man is primarily a rational, economic animal ("homo economicus" on page 332) and dismisses us there as "Islam's useful idiots" because we recognize the right of all people to offer their labor wherever they wish. Having thus put garbage in, it's unsurprising that he gets garbage out.

The solution can be seen as equally obvious and fully adequate: terminate government, and both stick and carrot will vanish and Muslims unable to prosper in Europe will return home. Breivik's perceived problem will then solve itself, without any violence or 7-decade war or shock attacks. All that's needed is for governments to evaporate, and that process is well under way.

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