11A116 The Arrogance of Power by Jim Davies, 4/29/2011    

For four years or so, political opponents of Barry Sotero have persistently pointed to the lack of proof that he is entitled by the US Constitution to hold the post of US President. He has previously released an unisgned computer printout, but never until Wednesday the "long form" issued by the hospital of birth, complete with witness signatures. This month Donald Trump joined the chorus of demands that he do so, and even Franklin Graham suggested it would be a good idea.

Now, he has done so. Here is the bit of it that matters most:

So one David A Smilan, MD signed-off on 8/7/1961 that Obama was live-born in the USA and in my opinion, that does it. The "birthers" had a valid concern, but it has now been answered; the matter is over. "Experts" will pore (paw?) over the copy, and if by any chance it is conclusively proven to have been Photoshopped, or if Dr Smilan did not exist, or if his signature was forged, or if he was not an M.D. as shown, then it will be time for Congress to impeach Mr Obama immediately. Otherwise, end of story.

Except for a couple of items.

First: since it was so easy to produce the document and settle the matter, why has he been so very coy for so very long?

I can think of only one possible answer: the arrogance of power. A guy received the enthusiastic support of tens of millions of Americans in a well publicized and hotly contended election, and enters the most powerful office in the world, and some folk demand that he produce a piece of paper? - suggest that another piece of paper 230 years old might take away all that power? Who do they think they are?

It's what power does, it intoxicates the mind, saturating it with illusions of infallibility and omnipotence. So is everyone in high office intoxicated. All that power, at the disposal of minds that no longer function rationally. Madmen, in charge - and with a doomsday button always within reach. All that comes bundled, in the statist package.

Second: how does anyone get to have power over my life or yours? - whether he or she was born in Hawaii or Nairobi or Kennebunkport, with black skin or yellow or white, with support from sixty million voters or one, whether scrupulously obeying a 1788 non-contract or not?

That's the question statists (believers in government) have never answered, and never can. They assume it, with a mind-blowing arrogance. They parrot some reassuring dogma like "God appointed him King" (but fail even to define "God") or "the people have chosen their own rulers." Fair enough, you may choose someone to rule you, but you can't choose anyone to rule me. You don't have that power in the first place, so you can't delegate it to anyone. And sixty million multiplied by zero is still zero.

Such is the arrogance of power, that statists pretend this unanswerable question is not there. But it is.

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