11A115 The End-Game by Jim Davies, 4/28/2011    

Several ZGBlogs have mentioned that government will zeroize when, and only when, all its employees walk off their jobs. Nothing else can possibly cause it to happen, and any activity aimed at anything less is a waste of time. Government consists only of people willing to work for it - otherwise it's a fiction, a myth - so only when they decide not to do that will there be nothing left at all, just a big vacuum, a set of empty buildings; then, but not a day sooner. Hence the program of re-education that's already under way, to teach everyone what a repulsive and inhuman thing government is, and so motivate them not to work for it.

Well and good; but some readers have questions about the closing stages of that process, which will take place in the 2020s. So today I thought to try to answer a few of the tougher ones.

1. How will leavers earn a living? Someone leaves a well-paying government job. How will he then put food on the table?

This will not be hard in the early stages of the process, and I visualized an example in 2006 in Work. But later on, when tens of thousands are walking out every day? What sort of jobs will they find to do? There will be unprecedented turmoil!

A lot of other things will be happening at that time, and one or more of those will furnish the answer: (A) the underground economy (which I call the "White Market") which is aleady functioning today, will have grown very large, and will be bristling with work opportunities. (B) Taxes will be in process of becoming uncollectible (as collectors and clerks quit) so money will be conserved by not paying them. (C) Millions of children will be leaving government schools and so will need home schooling, so the parents who provide it will be leaving other jobs, leaving those jobs vacant for job-seekers. (D) Massive inflation will be gathering momentum, meaning that home mortgages can be paid off quickly with depreciated "dollars" so that scores of millions of Americans own a real valuable asset which can if necessary be used as collateral for loans (in gold) from those who have already prospered in the White Market. (E) Released from its stranglehold of government "entitlements", human compassion will flourish again to help the few who remain in need of it. There will be thousands of charities emerging to help.

There will be some hardship, no question; that will be impossible to avoid in a period of such massive change. But after government has finally vanished, the resulting free market will kick in to raise living standards for everyone by a factor of two or three, virtually at once.

2. What about the hard core, the police?

When the chips are down, government's final line of defense consists of its armed and uniformed thugs. What could possibly motivate them to quit their jobs?

Fair question, and I concede that they will be among the very last to wise up and do so. They are typically sociopaths of limited intellect; blockheads who enjoy inflicting pain or imposing authority on people whose quality as human beings is far higher than their own. They will stay, with their boy-toys and weaponry, until close to the bitter end.

Still, they are human beings with the usual range of emotions and responses to stimuli. To some extent even now, they are aware of being pariahs - as in my tongue in cheek 1993 article about working for the IRS. As they stay stubborn while government collapses all around them, that unpopularity will dramatically increase; neighbors will stop talking to them, shopkeepers and eateries will decline to serve them. They will be sensitive to this. Then, they will be increasingly frustrated as they see tickets they write not being paid, because the courts have lost half their employees and have a ballooning backlog. Likewise, frustration will multiply as they see more serious "criminals" acquitted because juries increasingly refuse to convict those without a victim. Finally they will lose all remaining interest in the job when there is nobody to administer their paperwork, maintain their cruisers, launder their uniforms or distribute their salary checks. In other words, they will quit their jobs because all their indispensible support staff have quit theirs.

3. And what of the top layer of government?

There will be some who steadfastly refuse to open their minds to reason, who go down with the government ship; those at the top, who can imagine no way of life that does not include commanding others to do their pleasure. When all their staff have quit, it will not matter. They can bark their orders until they run out of breath, but the only response will be an echo. Some will end their own lives. Some will live them out using loot they have stolen. Civilized society will be well rid of them; provided they do not act upon their ineradicable belief in government by committing aggression, it won't matter - and if they do, the free-market justice industry will deal with them.

In summary, as Victor Hugo said, "There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come." Once a critical mass of the population has found out what an utter scam government is, the process of its disintegration will be unstoppable, like an avalanche. I visualize more detail of that progression in my Transition to Liberty.

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