11A107 Four Aces for Trump by Jim Davies, 4/20/2011    

The predominant theme of this Blog is that of terminating government altogether; the urgent need to do so is shown daily by examples, and it sometimes notes the way to achieve that objective. I'm not normally interested in the absurdities and pretenses of current political posturings. Today, though, I'll make a small exception; not because that objective is less than absolute, but because there is a small possibility of making life more agreeable while awaiting that happy day on which government evaporates during the 2020s.

If Ron Paul were elected President next year, I believe that would happen; he would slash the Federal end of the scam quite a lot, so improving our condition. His experience in 2007 and 2008, however, make it clear he will have extreme difficulty; his own Republican rivals, knowing full well what devastation he would cause to their way of life and power, did their united utmost to pretend he wasn't there. This year, when all his predictions are coming true (on Monday, for example, the FedGov's credit rating was downgraded) he will face even stiffer opposition. Might there be anyone else?

The name of Donald Trump has surfaced, as someone with one eye on that job. He is very well known, he has proven, tough credentials as a businessman, he is widely respected and not yet part of the club of political insiders, and he has the money to buy the publicity the Establishment press may deny him. If he were to wise up to what is going on, might he make a good choice for those who vote?

That's a very big "if", for I've seen little sign so far that he has any idea. Here, therefore, is a list of things he might write in to his winning platform, and it's offered entirely without charge or obligation.

  1. Abolish the income tax and replace it with nothing. That would instantly win him massive support from the 130 million who got ripped off last weekend.
  2. Slash federal government spending so that its books balance; about a one-third reduction. Someone of Trump's caliber and experience knows how.
  3. Terminate "Social Security", cold turkey. Families relieved of Income and SS taxes can then afford to support us oldsters.
  4. Stop implementing a large part of the forest of regulations that throttle business, and therefore prosperity.

What, some say, he "couldn't" do that? - sure he could! He would simply say to all employees of the IRS "You're fired." He would be head of the Executive Branch that employs them, and he has ample experience of using that phrase. He might not have authority to end the Fed, but as to spending, he can also fire the Department of Defense, or any large part of it, that he sees fit; for there too he would be Commander in Chief. That would make a good start. Then he could get to work on the bureaucracies in D.C. - all of them are in his gift. In the unlikely event that Congress sought his impeachment, he would use the kind of delay tactics that got Bill Clinton off the hook. By the time he was called to account, the job would be done - with any luck, irreversibly. All that's needed is toughness, and Trump has that... in spades.

Will he adopt and embrace my suggestions? - I seriously doubt it. But you may think it's worth spending 44 cents to find out.

Your feedback, please!

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