11A099 A Freedom Feast by Jim Davies, 4/10/2011    

Much though I hope that this Zero Government Blog will be a "home page" landing site for an increasing number of people, it's by no means the only web resource worth a regular visit; and last week I was dazzled and delighted by an exceptionally well written set of articles on LewRockwell.com - so thought today to whet your appetite by paying them tribute.

On Tuesday Diversity Perversity by columnist Walter Williams deliciously exposed the entire Establishment hypocrisy about Political Correctness: "Diversity is an elitist term used to give respectability to acts and policy that would otherwise be deemed as racism." Don't miss it!

The same day Eric Margolis analyzed the Libyan situation. What makes Eric unusual is that he knows what government is all about, yet has in his professional life actually interviewed Qaddafi.

The inimitable Fred Reed then set us straight in Reality Check, Mexico. Stereotypes we may hold about our Southern neighbor are demolished one after another, and priorities are re-arranged - is "labor... the purpose of life rather than just the means of paying for it"?

On Wednesday the mother of all economic upsets was considered in When the Saudi Monarchy Falls by Ron Holland - who quoted one energy consultant as saying "I don't think that what the King is doing now is sufficient to prevent an uprising." If that happens, all bets on gas prices are off, ZGB's take on nukes may get a second look, and the US Dollar's role as the global reserve currency may expire.

On Friday came a devastating broadside from Thomas DiLorenzo against NY Times commentator and Establishment economist Paul Krugman, respecting the latter's na´ve understanding of the Civil War - just in time to complement Preventing Secession here. DiLorenzo has written extensively to demythologize Lincoln, and I've often recommended his How Capitalism Saved America.

Not everything on on LRC conforms to the axiom that every person owns his own life exclusively, but IMHO it's getting closer, and Rockwell is doing a remarkable job of marshaling excellent material every day for our enjoyment. The discriminating reader has a rich fare available every day.

Your feedback, please!

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