11A091 The Tangled Web by Jim Davies, 4/2/2011    

The layers of deception governments practice behind diplomatic closed doors is almost incredible. Wikileaks has done a noble job of blowing the whistle on some of it, but perhaps they only scraped off the first coat of jolly bright paint. The alleged defection of Tommy Lee Jones lookalike Moussa Koussa this week gives us a further glimpse.

He was Qaddafi's left-hand man, his foreign minister, comparable to Rudolf Hess only probably smarter - having been also his intelligence chief and torture manager. Having left Libya for some blood pressure treatment in Tunisia, he had a change of flight plan and went to London. There, he was warmly welcomed but told he had no immunity; suspicion is thick that he is implicit in the Lockerbie bombing, which is a hot-button item there as reported in yesterday's Telegraph.

This falls short of making sense. Here's a smart guy with ample power in his own country, who quits and places his neck in a noose? - he could have defected anywhere, for example Italy, where he's not suspected of bombing anybody. So what gives?

Now we can dive deeper yet. According to that same report, Mr Koussa has been "a key source for British and American intelligence for more than a decade." That was said by a former UK Foreign Secretary, who ought to know. So for years, MI6 and the CIA have had on their payroll a top guy in the Libyan government? Curiouser and curiouser.

The story could be that seeing that Qaddafi is about to fall and not wishing to join him in a suicide pact - or possibly because he feared that his boss might be on his tail as a long-term spy - he got out before his cover blew, and was assured of a warm welcome by his London handlers. But then on arrival he gets told By the way, we may put you in prison for ever. Was this a double-cross, or is Prime Minister Cameron just lying, and Koussa will quietly get his immunity when all the fuss has died down and our attention has been drawn to some other debacle? Perhaps; but Cameron would not then do himself much good, because his public stance was all indignation that the Scots had let the actual bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, go... Scot free. So that doesn't gel well.

Obama says he will put no American boots on Libyan sand, but rumors are thick this week that the CIA is all over that country - but of course, they wear shoes. Or even sandals, perhaps, for better disguise. What are they doing, apart from trying to protect a useful oil supply? And if it's true, may we deduce that the CIA is much thicker on the ground of countries (like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela) where oil flows more liberally?

About all this tells me is that nothing at all is what it seems to be, that the entire picture of "international relations" is a vast theater, a total, lethal pretense and charade. So let's join John Lennon and "Imagine there's no countries / It isn't hard to do / Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion too / Imagine all the people / Living life in peace." And let's do more than imagine it - let's take action to make it happen. If you're not aboard yet, join the process already under way.

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