11A078 The Jewish Lobby by Jim Davies, 3/20/2011    

WorldNetDaily, as I've noted here before, is rather a pain. I visit its web site periodically to see what the lunatic Right fringe is up to (just for balance, since most media are on the lunatic Left fringe) and usually see profound preoccupation with peripheral issues like gay marriages and "Christian heritage." Yesterday, for example, a lead article was about an Italian government school which displays a crucifix in the classroom despite the objection of some parents. It is amazing, how blind some people can be! Of course the government's views will prevail, in a government school! What does WND expect?! The whole point is to terminate government schools (actually, to terminate government) so that every parent can raise his own children as he or she sees fit.

Even so, now and again the journal spots and reports something useful, and yesterday appeared a case in point: Helen Thomas has given an interview to Playboy. Helen is (at age 90) one of the best informed reporters in America, and probably the least intimidated by authority, and Playboy is (so I hear) one of the most respected journals of political affairs. And what Helen Thomas said was that "Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies." White House, Congress, the lot. Kaboom.

She backed-off her shocking suggestion made last year that Jews should quit Palestine and "go home" to whence they came in Europe, but repeated that they had no place in Palestine and should leave for somewhere. She reckons they are grossly overplaying the Holocaust victim card.

I'm not sure that one can overplay the utter outrage of the deliberate government extermination of several million human beings, but I get her point; the State of Israel, established in part as a result of sympathy for that outrage and in part due to relentless support in the UN from the WW-II victors, has for six decades been the source of all the discord in the Middle East. The FedGov has favored Israel over Arabs, whenever it has mattered; and so Muslim Arab resentment has festered and grown and resulted in 9/11 and all the hostilities since.

I've no reason to think that Ms Thomas has abandoned her statist premises - she favors only a change in policy, not a termination of all foreign policy and therefore of all government (I am assuming one cannot have a government without some foreign policy, which will necessarily aggravate somebody.) However she has put her finger on the most lethal current result of having such a policy, and for that, we owe her.

Tempers on this matter get so short as to obscure the most vital point: that the Holocaust took place because a government existed. If in the 1930s Germany had been anarchist - nobody ruling - then at the very worst a few anti-semitic bigots would have thrown rocks at a synagogue or two, and then been made to pay compensation by a free-market court of justice. But because there was a government, such bigots could and did gain political traction and turn their bigotry into national policy and seriously set out to exterminate the entire Jewish race. Similarly, because a government exists in Israel, hatreds fester throughout the region. Prior to its establishment in 1948, Jews and Arabs lived side by side. And because a government exists here, all Americans (not just fervent Zionists) have to pay and fight for its interests whether we agree with them not. Collective force, no matter its flavor, is the greatest evil.

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