11A077 A Third War? by Jim Davies, 3/19/2011    

In yet another sign of the growing influence of this Blog, yesterday the United Nations authorized military action against the régime which only the previous day I'd called Libya's Lincoln, and so Obama, who was elected in part on a promise to disengage Americans from two Middle East Wars, may now plunge us into a third. It's not that the ZGB favored this war - quite the contrary - but that I did write there "Obama has made certain of hostility from the likely winner of the conflict as well as from the likely losers." Evidently, someone in the White House read that, saw the truth of it, and took action at once to fix the problem.

How they twisted the arm of the Chinese government remains for now a mystery. It, and the one in Moscow, had previously promised to veto UN action against Qaddafi, presumably because it had invested in him heavily so as to secure a supply of his oil. An extra reason: it wants to shield its own population from news of democratic uprisings. Yet now, it's done an about-face. I wonder what was the payoff, and who paid it.

Reaction in Tripoli has been tragi-comic. The bizarre Qaddafi thundered on Thursday that no mercy would be shown to the rebels in Benghazi, yet 24 hours later he was all sweetness and light, inviting even America to join him in setting up a Libyan democracy. Then his mood changed again and he threatened that any outside force against him would lead to attacks on passenger airliners all across the Mediterranean. Now, what would that guy know about how to bomb airliners? Happily a few hours later there was another policy change: fire has ceased. No more, no mercy for rebels. I wonder how many more times he will spin on a dime.

The nicest short-term outcome would be for this ridiculous Qaddafi family to step aside and disappear from public view, as the price of no more destruction of life and property; with Libyans setting up whatever social structure they want. My advice on that choice is available, free of charge. Whatever they pick, it will almost certainly be an improvement on what they've had. For what actually happens, we all breathlessly wait.

All this nonsense has to do with who rules. The obvious option, favored here, is for nobody to rule. Then there would be no squabbles between rival rulers; Qaddafi might be earning an honest living as an airline porter, or perhaps as an oil pipeline cleaner. That happy day is coming, but I had reckoned that the demise of governments will spread first from America throughout the English speaking world, then Continental Europe, then the rest - probably with Muslim countries last of all, since the extent to which those societies are brainwashed in superstition is the most intense. But now I'm less sure; the success of grass-roots uprisings in North Africa this year suggests the younger generations within Islam are not as brain-dead as I'd supposed, and that more than a few can both understand English and access the Internet. Since The On Line Freedom Academy is free to all who wish to reach it, perhaps those folk won't be very far behind.

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