11A026 Birther Traction by Jim Davies, 1/26/2011    

On this Blog let's be clear: nobody has the right to rule you, except you. That's what self-ownership means, and it's why all government, however benevolent, is unacceptable; for it always violates that most fundamental human right. Therefore, it doesn't matter at all whether the FedGov's own rules say Obama is, or is not, fit to preside; nobody is fit to preside.

That said, it's amusing to notice that he is probably not, even by the rules which they made up themselves.

More details appear at Barry Sotero for those who wish to see them, but here let's leap to the bottom line: all agree that if Obama was born in Hawaii he is eligible to be President, but otherwise not. His grandma said he was born in Kenya. A computer printout of an alleged copy of the original birth certificate says he was born in Hawaii. For at least the last four years, he has been asked to produce the original "long-form" birth certificate, signed by a hospital representative there at the time, to settle the question. He never has. Earlier this month, we noted how Teresa Cao had drawn Congress' attention to the matter, but had been shushed up for her trouble. That ZGBlog also noted that even some of Obama's supporters, who presumably think the certificate does exist, have called for its production so as to settle the question.

This week WorldNet Daily broke the news that a well placed Hawaiian official swears it does not exist. He is Tim Adams, formerly an elections clerk in Honolulu, who has made out an affidavit which includes "Senior officers in the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division told me on multiple occasions that no Hawaii long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Senator Obama in the Hawaii Department of Health." Ka-boom.

Now, this is not the last word on the subject. Adams may be lying under oath. He may be suffering mental illness. He may have been misinformed by those senior officers on those multiple occasions, or may have misunderstood what they said. But he has made an affidavit, and affidavits are legally true until and unless proven false.

So with all those caveats, it would now seem that the so-called "birthers" have some traction. An affidavit exists, and must be proven false, and it if cannot be proven false it looks as if Joe Biden will move his office and the utter absurdity of government will become even more obvious to any who will look.

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