11A018 Slavery by Jim Davies, 1/18/2011    

I should not allow M L King Day to slip away without comment about slavery in America.

Underlying this Zero Government Blog is a premise: that every human being is his or her self-owner. That is so self-evident as to be undeniable, and is therefore an axiom - for any attempt to deny it would require one to assume implicitly that it is true; the very act of asserting "I do not own my self" can not be performed, for if it were true one would have no right to assert any opinion about anything at all without one's owner's permission.

That fundamental axiom is however denied in practice every time any government does anything. Human society will remain discordant until that gross anomaly is removed, ie by the abolition of government; garbage will continue to come out, until garbage stops going in. Hence, this Blog.

Nowhere is self-ownership more fully denied than in chattel slavery. The garbage-in of kidnapping and enslavement of blacks in the 17th and 18th Centuries from their homes in Africa, for transportation here in appalling conditions, has produced the garbage-out of racial conflict that lasts to the present day, and which Martin Luther King tried hard to soften. A century after "emancipation", the white majority was still using the power of its government to keep the black minority as an underclass; and the changes since he died have not so much corrected as reversed that injustice; racial preference is now often expressed against whites, on behalf of blacks, all by the force of government law. Government permitted and enforced slavery, by denying blacks access to its courts and by having its agents recapture and return those who escaped (hence, directly kidnapping them again) and now government permits and enforces a form of revenge for slavery, by requiring that blacks be favored in hiring etc, other factors being equal - so perpetuating the conflict. Force, ie government, is never the answer.

In his 1996 book Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men Jeffrey Rogers Hummel perfectly described the partial emancipation of 1865. Yes, the status of Blacks was made legally equal to others, but at the same time the status of everyone became that of partial slavery to political masters in the Federal capital. Then, 10% of the population was 100% enslaved; today, 100% of the population is 50% enslaved by taxation alone. That partial slavery has increased, and is still increasing, and it will never stop increasing until government, the source of it all, vanishes from the human scene. Many reading this are already taking the simple, cost-free action required to cause that. Those who aren't, are again invited to join in.

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