11A013 How We Got Here by Jim Davies, 1/13/2011    

Today I have Writers' Block. Sorry about that, but it happens; the creative juices aren't flowing, and I'll not impose on you a sub-standard scribble.

Instead why not explore the Archive, and/or delight yourself with a visit to a superb essay by another writer which I encountered yesterday? Laurence Vance outlines on LewRockwell.com how we all came to be in the present mess, in which liberties are being lopped off with government machetes. He outlines how government foreign policies over many decades have brought this upon us, and it's the best such account I can remember. For good measure, Vance even finds merit in Michael Moore, and that's an accomplishment on its own.

The URL is


and I promise you'll enjoy it.

There is an alternate view, which places blame on Muslims, alleging they wage a relentless campaign to dominate the world; tomorrow, I'll try to assess that and visualize how a zero government society would handle it if ever some kind of religious infiltration were to take place.

Your feedback, please!

Have you browsed the bookstore yet? There are about forty titles that every serious student of liberty should have as the nucleus of his library.