10A107 Lies Without End by Jim Davies, 12/20/2010    

On Thursday our masters enacted what the Establishment media hailed as a triumph: a "tax cut compromise." President Obama called it a "good deal for all Americans." Liars, every last one of them!

"Tax" of any degree can never truthfully be called a "good deal" because it is theft. Nobody sane calls it a "good deal" if a mugger steals $49 instead of $50, having overlooked the side pocket. The best one might say of such an experience is that it was awful, but might have been slightly worse.

It was I suppose a "compromise" but the word "cut" is a lie as well. There were very small, temporary cuts enacted in the euphemistic "Bush Era", due to expire at this year-end; so taxes would have risen had Congress not done this. So technically, with respect to those Bush cuts, this is a non-increase. At the best, it might have been validly called a "tax non-increase compromise" - except for one inconvenient detail: it wasn't a non-increase either. It was an increase.

It's not hard to spot the mendacity - it comes in the very next line: "...and keep jobless benefits going through next year." Translation: Congress will spend more than previously planned, to pay people who can't find a job. The money needed for that doesn't grow on a money tree, it gets stolen from people who work, one way or another. If (as it seems, now) it isn't stolen in the form of tax hikes, it will certainly be stolen some other way, because by the inexorable law of nature, the books will balance; the credits will equal the debits. Perhaps they will print the money - a popular option these days - but if so, that will mean the things we all buy will need more printed "dollars" than they would otherwise need. Prices will increase (or, unusually, they will not decrease as much as they otherwise would.)

So this alleged "good deal" is rather like FDR's "new deal": government will spend more, and eventually we, or our grandchildren, will pay the bill. Meanwhile, everybody cheers and the enactors get re-elected, probably to do more of the same. At least FDR was open about it; his alter ego Harry Hopkins famously said "We will spend and spend, and tax and tax, and elect and elect." There lies the ugly reality of government.

It ought not to surprise us that government people look straight into the camera, and lie absolutely. Lies underlie the very institution of government. Its fundamental lie is that it can make decisions about your life and future, better than you can. That is utterly and invariably false - because even though I might disagree with it and advise you to make a different choice, if it is your choice then for you it is absolutely the best possible choice. That is the unalterable corollary of the axiom that every person owns himself.

The other corollary is that government is always a flagrant violation of the nature of human beings.

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