10A099 Our 100th by Jim Davies, 12/12/2010    

This happens to be the hundredth Edition of The Zero Government Blog, so I'll take the chance to thank those readers who have commended it to their friends (see the gray bar at the foot) and those who have given the encouragement of financial support geared to their measure of the merits of each edition (see orange link at the foot) and those who have bought books after visiting the bookstore, which brings a further few cents in this direction (see the square icon at top-right.) While the second and third of these are very welcome, the first is the most important, because as a near-daily "rational, refreshing reflection on what's happening now" the ZGBlog is as close to unique as good grammar permits, and a widespread readership is vital for it to become effective. That job, only you can do.

I have in mind two kinds of reader for ZGBlog. The first is the general reader who may encounter it as above, and who may be new to the concept that human society would be much better off without any government at all. After exposure to a series of examples of how events are ruined under government management, and how they would be so very much better without it (if indeed those events took place at all) they will, I hope, be convinced to look further, into the theory of why, exactly, there is no rational alternative to a free-market society.

Any one such example or Edition will, no doubt, fall well short of that objective - but cumulatively, their effect should be overwhelming.

The second kind of reader is the one who has already studied that theory, in The On Line Freedom Academy or an equivalent, and who is interested to see how his new-found understanding of which way is up works out in practice, in the cut and thrust of day to day events. All such graduates are asked to find one friend a year to join it, and help him too to graduate, and this Blog may serve as a kind of prélude, to arouse interest in the invitation to join it.

Happily there are several good web sites that share our world-view, and some of them are promoted here. All of them known to me fall short in one respect, however; as far as I have seen none of them proposes a rational plan to make it happen. That is what makes the ZGBlog, or rather the Academy which it commends, unique; the perception here is that the age of government can be brought to an end, and that on a few simple assumptions and with only quiet, peaceful action it will be brought to and end, within the lifetimes of most reading this. The key, as mentioned before, is to cause everyone working for government to decide to quit his job and get an honest one instead; when that has happened government will have vanished, for it consists only of those willing to prostitute their self-respect by working for it.

That in turn requires a large-scale program of re-education, and that's what the Academy provides - including of course the only credible method of delivering it to a quarter of a billion Americans within a single generation. Other academies or freedom schools will no doubt be offered - but that method, of person to person introduction or replication, is the only one that can possibly work. And it will work. So if a friend has suggested you join this one, go ahead and tell him Yes.

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