10A088 Gander Sauce by Jim Davies, 11/30/2010    

Release of the first 1% of the latest set of Wikileaked documents has set the world abuzz. The News Hour hauled in Zbigniew Brzezinski, no less, and he set the tone for spinning the disaster: "it's catastrophic, but not serious." The hypocrisy and pompous arrogance of the diplomatic corps has been exposed for the sophomoric name-calling that it is, but (so far, from the first 1%) nothing has emerged seriously to undermine what they all oh-so-readily call "national security."

Hillary and Obama are united in condemning Julian Assange, so this Blog hereby wishes him very well for that reason alone, and Holder, their lackey at the Department of Injustice, has sworn to investigate and nail him if possible. Their friends in Stockholm have been persuaded (how? - was any of your money transferred?) to indict him for attempted rape, something ridiculously easy to manufacture, so they must be pretty desperate to shut him up. I really hope he does not meet with some unfortunate accident soon. Hillary, the leaks reveal, is the one who ordered US diplomats to spy on UN leaders. As the London Daily Mail remarked, "Requests for IT related information [on them] - such as details of passwords, personal encryption keys and network upgrades - could also raise suspicions that the U.S. was preparing to mount a hacking operation." Nice to know these creeps are spying on each other, and not just on us.

The irony is thick. Government is supposed, by the myths it teaches to kiddies in its schools, to represent the people and answer to us. We are, allegedly, its employer, so its actions must be transparent to us. Yet Hillary's husband, in the 1990s, oversaw the "Echelon" program of systematic spying on the private communications of you and me; they encountered some law that forbade that, but circumnavigated it by having the UK spy on Americans while the Feds spied on Brits, and then exchanging folders. The letter of that law was kept, while its spirit was scattered to the winds. At the time, I came across the set of several hundred words (eg, "nailbomb") that would alert the Echelon computers, and sent them all to my Congressman Charlie Bass, expressing indignation; my hope was that as my email arrived in his office, they would cause the wires to his PC to smoke. Perhaps they did; I never saw a reply.

Yet now that these government spies are being spied upon, they all express shock and horror. To me, there seems to be a very pleasant symmetry at work; what is sauce for the goose is sauce also for the gander. Bon appetit!

Perhaps the most valuable byproduct so far from the latest Wikirelease is what it tells us about the media who reported it. Remember, exposing hypocrisy especially in government people is a prime reason the media exist; their miserable failure has been exposed thanks to an Australian amateur and the heroic Bradley Manning, whom we met in the very first ZGBlog. Yet today so far, I haven't found a single one of them with anything good to say about the leak; all across the political spectrum, they condemn it - from the Washington Post to Newsmax. They are all thereby revealed as statist to the core. Don't waste money on any of them.

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