10A084 Flying Free, in a ZGS by Jim Davies, 11/25/2010    

- that being a Zero Government Society, as regular visitors here will know, and "free" not as in without charge, of course, because the folk who design and build the flying machines and places for them to land would properly expect to make a profit and therefore eat. The meaning rather is without restriction, artificially put in place by government. Things like the now-infamous TSA and its scanners.

I've written recently about them twice; once here as a ZGBlog and once on Strike the Root on November 18th, entitled Gropers, Peepers and What to Do. Since then, the noice of protest has increased, the government has done nothing (except to relax its grip on pilots ) and if you flew this Thanksgiving, you'll know the result up close. That result follows from the premise that government should exist.

If it exists, it will have a foreign policy (of some kind.) Therefore, some foreign governments or groups will, being dis-favored by that policy, hit back - as one did on 9/11, and several times since. Killing air travelers is (from their viewpoint) a cost-effective way of expressing that enmity, so it will continue. Therefore, someone will have to screen passengers with increasing intensity. The cause-and-effect chain of logic here is unbreakable: if you want government, you get porno-screeners. The premise (government should exist) leads inexorably to the conclusion (intensive, intrusive examinations and ever-increasing controls.)

When government has evaporated however, so will its foreign policy and therefore, so will its enemies and therefore, so will its screenings - among thousands of other outrageous impositions starting with its taxes. We want to fly? - we'll fly free, free as birds. It will be exhilarating!

Technology will not stand still, and the collision-avoidance systems already being sold to some of America's 600,000 pilots will improve with time, and so will the automatic pilot systems that have been around for decades; with the result that many more of us will choose to fly our own aircraft, point to point. Demand will cause aircraft prices to plummet, so as to compare with those of cars. No doubt high-speed, long-haul passenger flights will remain popular too, but the trade will evolve towards efficiency, instead of away from it; one option will be for passengers to turn up at the airport, buy a ticket and board the flight just as people did on trains, a mere half-century ago.

To fly free - and to live free in every other way - requires only that government vanish. If you're not already helping make that happen, welcome aboard.

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