10A061 Same Difference by Jim Davies, 11/2/2010

As noted in yesterday's ZGBlog, those who believe irrationally that people can delegate powers they do not possess, will cast votes today. Again, please be sure you aren't among them. Now let's defy convention by noting that whoever wins, it will make no discernable difference.

Two years hence unemployment will still be high, military force will still be projected overseas, terrorists will still be making travel a misery, business growth will still be anaemic and government will still be disgustingly intrusive - whether or not more of it is labeled R instead of D. That's because both parties believe in government (they get their kicks from being part of it) and both have so little interest in a solution for the economic or "terrorist" crises that they do their best to suppress news of it when offered to them on a plate. Ron Paul has a passable fix for both, but when he appeared with other Presidential candidates in 2008 his own party colleagues lined up to pour scorn upon him.

Both despise the free market by bailing out their friends with our money, and the process began in 2008 under Republicans. Both believe America should strut around the world as a military superpower; the wars that Obama has failed to shut down were begun by Bush. Both manufacture "money" under tight government control regardless of market preference - their Federal Reserve has existed for 97 years under both parties and has gutted more than 98% from the value of a dollar. Both believe in manipulating unemployment by mandating minimum wages and regulating how employers shall behave, for both either instigated such laws or failed to repeal them when they had ample opportunity. Both believe in enslavement by taxation, for neither has adjusted the total grab by more than a percentage point or two at a time in fifty years. So again, both believe in government; and that's the problem.

The Great Recession itself has roots, as noted here in Ten Years, Three Huge Lies, in the legal obligation it placed on lenders to write mortgages for people clearly unqualified to repay them. This was the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, signed by Jimmy Carter, vigorously boosted and activated by Barack Obama while a young "activist" with ACORN in South Chicago, and left standing on the law-books by Republicans in the 90s and Oughts when they had ample chance to repeal it. Carter genuinely wants to help house the poor - his volunteer hammer work with Habitat for Humanity proves that - but his big blind spot is to imagine that what can be done by charity can also be done by monstrous government force. It can not, and the proof is now all around us - in the form of foreclosures.

Government is at the root of every problem that matters most, yet millions of deluded voters will today beg for more of it. This is the very essence of addiction! There is no solution other than deprogramming, re-education on a massive scale - and that's what this Blog is for. To help that solution, pass the word around that TinyURL.com/ZGBlog is a good URL to visit every day.

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