24A027 Authority by Jim Davies, 7/16/2024


In a brilliant insight, Larken Rose shows in his outstanding book "The Most Dangerous Superstition" that "authority" does not exist; hence that "government" does not exist and, so, cannot be abolished.

For convenience and brevity I shall probably continue to assert the opposite, but he's right; and the simplest way to see why is to use his analogy of Santa Claus (without for a moment conceding that there's anything benevolent about government.)

By soon after attaining the age of five, everyone recognizes that Santa isn't real. The idea of a kindly, avuncular distributor of gifts down chimneys on Christimas Eve is a fun fairy tale, but has no basis in reality. He's a pretend figure.

Therefore, he cannot be abolished. One cannot destroy a non-existent entity.

One can abolish the belief in or concept of Mr Claus, but not the person himself; because he isn't there. And, Larken Rose points out, nor is government there either, nor its presumed authority. Certainly the belief in government is very prevalent, and so are the busybodies and thieves and thugs and uniforms and guns; but no people equipped with a right to direct others. Nobody has that.

My fellow-blogger Kent McManigal agrees. He wrote that government is only "a mind virus, a harmful hallucination, for which I have nothing but contempt." He suggests there are several levels of awareness that people have about it:

Corpse-level: "Government is good, inevitable, and necessary"

Low-level: "I don't like what this government is doing in this situation. If only it would restore the Constitution."

Mid-level: "Government is naturally corrupt."

High-level: "This isn't corruption; it's working exactly as designed. Government is the ancestral enemy."

Highest-level: "No one has the right (or authority) to govern or otherwise violate another person. Such rights/authority can't be created."

"Awareness", here, is the belief. What folk believe. And one's beliefs always determine one's actions, the form of one's life and its enjoyment - or otherwise. They may be true or false, rational or imagined, reason-based or superstitious. What's your level of awareness, about government?

Larken Rose establishes that government is a myth, using exquisite logic. Every human is his/her own owner, by the Self-Ownership Axiom (SOA) and therefore none of us has any right to govern anyone else. Therefore none of us can delegate any such right (authority) to anyone else, for example to an elected "official," because nobody can give anyone anything he does not possess. Therefore no such "official" has such a right, authority, or power. Therefore, all government is a superstition; many believe it, but it's as unreal as Santa Claus.

What exists instead is a large association of people who have convinced others to obey their edicts, and who engage in theft, torture and murder which they call tax, punishment and war. As we saw in Run-up to the Great Reset, their rivalries are presently poised to eliminate civilization.

It follows that to end this utter madness, the false belief (that some have a right to govern others) has to be eliminated; in the minds of everyone or very nearly so. If all "government leaders" were blown away tomorrow in some way, that universal false belief would still exist and replacements would be formed a day later. So that requires universal re-education. That is what TOLFA is for. One by one and in exponentially increasing numbers of minds, the false belief will be extinguished. The sooner you take part, the sooner it will happen.

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