Treasury Dept. Clerk


The US Treasury may not have many humble employees, for it's not a humble establishment; it pretends to manage the money of the greatest superpower in history. But if you're one of them, this page is for you. Your job is to support that establishment; without you, it could not function.

Treasury is a key part of the Federal Government; it obtains the money with which it carries out everything else it does.  It is the department that does the stealing (its only source of revenue) and the accounting for how the loot is used. A quick reminder about government theft:

There are no other sources, and all three of these are forms of tax (ie, theft)  - even the third, for money is obtained from workers in the productive sector when we have to pay more for goods and services after an interval of time, usually a year and a half.  Creation of money, in the form of paper bills or electronic book entries, is a revenue raising method reserved for the Feds; State and local governments can't do it - though the Mafia does a little. You are working to help the Treasury perform this act of counterfeiting, and it performs it in a rather complex way.

First the Treasury offers "bills" for sale, and roughly half of them are purchased by a creature of Congress called the Federal Reserve Bank, the "Fed." The first piece of deception is that when the Fed writes the check, it has insufficient funds. The assets to back the check are created only when the T-bill is deposited, so in effect, it's kited. Then the second stage of deception takes place; Fed member banks take the money so created and lend it, at interest, to businesses and house  buyers who want to borrow; and the bank is allowed by law to keep as little as one-ninth of money deposited in their accounts on hand as a reserve; the rest can be loaned again to someone else. That means that if borrowers exist, the banks can lend a total of ten times the value of the T-bill originally printed up.

Thus, if a $100B T-bill is bought by the Fed, what's added to the money supply is not just $100B but eventually as much as $1 trillion; and that is about 7% of the total money supply ("M3".) In due course, that will cause a 7% inflation and so the theft is completed. The winners in this scheme are both the government and the bankers (who get to earn real interest on phantom money.) This is what Treasury does; this is the product of your daily work.

What does that do to your self-respect?  Is that an honest job? - Not even close.

This gross deception cannot last, so it's a good idea to quit your dishonest government job in Treasury sooner, rather than later. Let's take a look at this "money" that you're helping create. It's true of all of it including the larger, electronic portion, but it's easiest to see from the printed, paper form. Notice what appears at the top:

So although the Treasury prints it, the paper is issued by the Fed. The relationship is rather close!  But observe that word "NOTE". In the context of finance, "note" means a promise. A promise to pay, like you may have on your home-mortgage note. What is promised to be paid here, on the version with the fine etching of Andrew Jackson? - "Twenty Dollars." Now, here's where the government scam gets real sneaky; the word "dollar" is a noun, but it's not an object  and never was; it's a unit of measure. It's exactly like a promise to pay "twenty gallons." Gallons of what? - Dollars of what? To find the answer, take it to any Fed-member bank and ask. All you'll get is another Twenty in exchange, and perhaps a smile. Do it again, the smile will fade. Dollars of nothing!

The other ominous bit of printing on the face of this note is that it's "legal tender." That doesn't mean it can be accepted in payment of obligations (to pay wages for example) but that it must be accepted. Even though it is obviously worth next to nothing, if offered in payment for something valuable (like your labor) you're forced to accept it, by government law, signed by your boss.

Real money is what people choose to use in exchange, when not forced to use something else. For several thousand years, all over the world and for very good reason, that choice has most commonly been gold and silver. When government has vanished and taken its fraudulent paper "money" with it, Americans will most likely return to that sensible choice and circulate gold and silver coin and certificates - and some of those coins may properly be called "dollars of silver." If so, they will weigh 23.9 grams. Today, one gram of silver will buy 1.036 government "dollars", so 23.9 will buy $24.76 in government paper.  To put this another way: if you can find an old silver dime, with 2.39 grams of silver, it would buy the same as $2.48, or nearly 25 times as much as its face value.  No wonder government paper doesn't name the stuff, a "dollar" of which is promised to be paid! 

The whole scheme is a massive swindle, and you are helping keep it going.That's the environment you work in, the system you support. What does it do for your self-respect? Self-esteem is a vital part of life. We all need a purpose, a raison d'Ítre, a way to feel pride in what we have been able to accomplish, a basis for ambition to achieve more in future.

Working for government undermines your basis for self-esteem. Make a clean break; offer your skills elsewhere. Get an honest job - even if at first you have to take a pay cut. You'll not regret it; at life's end you will look back in pride and pleasure, and be able to say, "I helped build that!"

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