Was it the Titanic that Sank?


This page is an adjunct to Sinking a Myth, and describes the alternative conspiracy theory to which it refers.

The Olympic was almost identical to the Titanic and had been launched a few months earlier in 1911. She had happened to suffer several accidents at sea, one of which – a collision with HMS Hawke – left her starboard stern seriously damaged. The hole was repaired in Belfast by Harland and Wolfe close to where Titanic was being finished, but it was found that Olympic's keel was bent. One version of what happened next is told on this video.

Because the British Admiralty blamed the White Star line for the Hawke collision, insurers would not pay to repair the Olympic, which would have cost so much as to bankrupt the White Star Line and so to close Harland and Wolfe, with heavy loss of Irish jobs. Allegedly, the two companies conspired with His Majesty's Government to switch the two ships, scuttle the fatally damaged Olympic and claim insurance on the Titanic. The two were so similar that the switch could be made easily, so it is claimed. The plot involved lining up a third ship, the California, nearby the planned location of the iceberg “accident” so as to rescue all passengers. Theory has it that this is exactly what happened, except that the signals to the California went wrong, and that ship's Captain Lord never saw them, so leaving 1,500 people to drown. Lloyd's insurers paid up, and White Star survived.

Telling evidence shown in the referenced video in support of the theory is that when the lettering of the ship's name on the port bow began to fall off due to corrosion, beneath the vacated letters were revealed etched into the orginal steel plates the letters "MP" - which do not occur in the name "TITANIC." Further, the strengthening beam which Harland and Wolfe bolted to the bent keel of Olympic as a temporary fix after its accident, was found to be present on the sea bed even though the true Titanic had no such component.

Believers in this theory will take away a different lesson from 1912: that big businesses - the ships' owners, builders and financier (J P Morgan) - and government (Asquith's, in London) could coldly execute a huge fraud so as each to advance its purpose, and cover it up for a whole century. In the light of the far more massive government fraud of Pearl Harbor and the alleged conspiracy of 9/11 (which in my view is without merit) this looks a lot more credible than it would have in 1912. If the theory should prove to be true, the sinking of the “Titanic” will be seen as a foretaste of a century of unprecedented government deception and wickedness.