Some Techniques of Self-Defense

I recommend first a visit to, because Marc Stevens has done a great deal of work figuring out how best to beat the government in its own courts. Read his "Adventures in Legal Land" to see what I mean.

Here are a few ideas of my own, which are not as well prepared as Marc's but which may give the flavor and might work. A couple of them did for me.

The judge will ram the case through and arrange for a guilty verdict, but Smith has racked up several bases for a subsequent appeal. Or consider another possible exchange:

Again, same outcome as Smith's case.

Well, maybe! But if not, Thomas has a fine basis for suing the Officer Plod and his P.D. employer for heavy damages.

The point of these ideas is not necessarily to win (though the judge might just "nolle" the case because it leaves him exposed) but legitimately to take up their time and put them on the defensive; to show them and the attending Press that they are running a massive scam and that you know it. The more people who resist in such ways, the better known that will become and the more who will do likewise. If a significant minority filibusters like this, the whole process will become unworkable; for it depends upon fast, protest-free verdicts. Smith, Jones and Thomas would each tie up the court for at least 20 minutes; that limits it to handling three cases an hour, say 15 per 5-hour day. If there are 150 cases waiting, guess what happens to the court docket and the associated tax ticketing swindle