False Flag at Newtown?

Here's a quick, possible response to the VT article, straight off the cuff. Don't know whether the government will say this, and their big folly in cases like this is to say as little as possible, so giving the impression they have something to hide. Which, of course, they may. I'll address the four things that struck me as most damning.

1. How come Ryan's ID was in Connecticut?

He always used public transport in NJ, so kept the driver license in Newtown for when he visited. Adam knew that, and stole it. Why? - who knows what's in the mind of a strange man about to commit mass-murder and suicide? Perhaps he had sibling jealously and wanted to stir up his brother.

2. Who was the "second shadow?"

Possibly a teacher or ancillary, getting the hell outta there before learning the killer was dead.

3. Who was the guy arrested after the chase in the woods?

Just a hiker, wandering the woods when the fracas began. He ran away after hearing gunshots and seeing the police arrive. Sensible fellow.

4. Why was the Bushmaster still in the car trunk?

The cops confused the story in the shambles that immediately followed the event; the spokesman spoke without checking all his facts. Probably it really was the main murder weapon, but some flunky had told him no, it was in the trunk; in reality it was not.

Alternatively the killing was done with handguns and it was in the trunk, but word THEN came down that the Feds would like to make use of the crisis in obedience to Rahm's Law so he was to say it was the main weapon used. Helps Obama make the case for banning semi-autos.

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