The Task

The "little problem" has to do with the shopping-cart system for ordering copies of my Liberty Trilogy.

I use nopcart, and it has worked fine to prepare orders for transmission. Try it out, using the link above. However, when the stage is reached that displays the shopping cart ready to SUBMIT, you'll see it's very clumsy and unprofessional. The reason is that I've been using a handy free service called - but which recently, without notice, disappeared from the Net.

So the vital step of transmitting an order to me, instead of being seamless, I'm now arranging temporarily with a mailto: statement.

Nopcart says (here, scroll down 3/4 to para #8) that I should be able to use a FORM ACTION statement that calls a cgi-bin script to cause the form to be sent, but all such script programming is a closed book to me (I speak only APL and HTML.) And sure enough, it doesn't work; all I get is an uninformative Internal Server Error message.

So the task is to make it work

If you're familiar with .js, .pl and .php this will presumably be very easy; I don't want you to take long over it. But as a "thank you" I'd like to give you a copy of the Trilogy, autographed of course. If you'd like to take on the job, please email me to say what you need (such as perhaps a copy of script(s) in my cgi-bin.)

The checkout page as it was being used with is shown here, minus the table of items in the cart.

Jim Davies