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for October - December 2016

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16A047: Religion in the ZGS, 12/27/2016 there won't be much. Fortunately
16A046: Slaves, Half Free, 12/20/2016 In 1816, freedom wasn't feasible. Today, it is
16A045: Usury, 12/13/2016 Why the price of borrowing money should be uncontrolled
16A044: Sore Losers, 12/6/2016 Why every form of government fosters aggravation
16A043: Dear Mr Trump,, 11/29/2016 Free advice for the new Prez
16A042: Warning! Poison!, 11/22/2016 Enemies of freedom are at work
16A041: About that Twenty Trillion, 11/15/2016 Its pending demise may be no bad thing
16A040: Keep Hillary Out, 11/7/2016 She's the worst possible choice
16A039: The Concept of Rights, 11/1/2016 Like other abstract concepts, powerfully real
16A038: The Clinton Body Count, 10/25/2016 Murderers-in-Chief
16A037: Bypassing Article Five, 10/18/2016 Why no reform is possible
16A036: The Kokesh Phenomenon, 10/11/2016 A bright new star for liberty
16A035: Taxes, Trumped, 10/4/2016 Not really. But it's a delicious thought