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for July - September 2016

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16A034: Walls, 9/27/2016 On E-Day, they will all come a-tumblin' down
16A033: Ben's Value, 9/13/2016 Money, out of government view
16A032: Labor in the Coming ZGS, 9/6/2016 Massive exploitation! But not to worry
16A031: A Time to Break Laws, 8/30/2016 Flouting victimless laws is fine... but not yet
16A030: The Altruist Plague, 8/16/2016 Center of the government con
16A029: Notes from the Asylum, 8/9/2016 The worst insanity: trying to rule self-rulers
16A028: Infrastructure in the ZGS, 8/2/2016 No government required
16A027: A Little Good News, 7/26/2016 Government's "justice" monopoly may be cracking
16A026: Rule vs Morality, 7/19/2016 Compelled compassion, and other contradictions
16A025: Tuchman's August, 7/12/2016 None so blind, as those who will not see
16A024: The Great Non-Sequitur, 7/5/2016 Rights can't be secured by rights-violators