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for April - June 2016

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16A023: A Worm Turned, 6/28/2016 The ever-more-government tide may have crested
16A022: Low Interest, 6/14/2016 How government may be increasing its fascist control
16A021: Old Cronies, 6/7/2016 The bedfellows at work
16A020: Faith and Fact, 5/31/2016 They seldom coincide. Guess which must prevail
16A019: The "Why" of Chappaqua, 5/24/2016 To show she's beyond control
16A018: A Draft Apology, 5/17/2016 The speech Obama will not give
16A017: To Own is Natural, 5/10/2016 In fact, it's Nature at its highest
16A016: Race, IQ and Liberty, 5/3/2016 Freedom is the birthright of everybody
16A015: Rulers Realigning?, 4/26/2016 It hardly matters, but is quite fun to watch
16A014: The Brexit, 4/19/2016 How it compares to America after E-Day
16A013: Freedom, Now and Then, 4/12/2016 Both are priceless
16A012: Trade, Free and Managed, 4/5/2016 You ain't seen nothing yet