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22A008: Help!, 2/22/2022 Why there is a labor shortage
22A007: Move Over, Mengele, 2/15/2022 for the worst physician in history
22A006: Tricks in the Courtroom, 2/8/2022 How "Traffic Courts" bypass rights to a trial
22A005: Prejudice, 2/1/2022 Doomed, in the coming market society
22A004: Capitalism in the ZGS, 1/25/2022 Unprecedented wealth for everyone
22A003: Peaceful Sabotage, 1/18/2022 Simply remove its support. Gravity will do the rest
22A002: A Game-Changer, 1/11/2022 A blockbuster, must-read book
22A001: Where Will All the Bullies Go?, 1/4/2022 They won't have many options

(Editions marked with the Plague Flag focus on the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.)