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21A050: A Re-Write of the 1900s, 12/28/2021 Because some think anarchism wouldn't work!
21A049: Khalkhin Gol, 12/21/2021 How far-off wars affect us all
21A048: Are They Giving Up?, 12/14/2021 Signs are appearing. What do you think?
21A047: How They "Justify" Slavery, 12/7/2021 Become an Abolitionist!
21A046: The Terrorists' Tabulation, 11/30/2021 A cacophony of falsehoods
21A045: Laws and Wars, 11/23/2021 The former cannot stop the latter
21A044: Too Big to... Survive, 11/16/2021 Absent government, giant firms won't last long
21A043: "Excess Deaths": a Sub-Fable, 11/9/2021 Were there any? - Nobody knows
21A042: Villains and Hobgoblins, 11/2/2021 They will never vanish, until government does
21A041: Falling Chips, 10/26/2021 Government intrudes, chaos follows
21A040: How to Cancel the Cancel Culture, 10/19/2021 Western scholarship is under threat
21A039: Take No Jab, 10/12/2021 Whose body is it, anyway?
21A038: Depopulation?, 10/5/2021 Probably not; but best make sure, by ending government
21A037: Huge Lie #12, Updated, 9/28/2021 The mendacity machine is working three shifts
21A036: A Rehearsal, 9/21/2021 for when, soon, government workers quit their jobs
21A035: A 13th Big Lie, 9/14/2021 They knew. But they didn't tell us
21A034: 9/11/21, 9/7/2021 Reichsminister Göring was right
21A033: Year of the Counters, 8/31/2021 False figures, false flags
21A032: Retribution, 8/24/2021 Not a valid part of justice
21A031: Dear Government Employee,, 8/17/2021 Now's a good time to quit
21A030: Forced Indoctrination, 8/10/2021 Punishment for unapproved beliefs
21A029: An End of the Beginning?, 8/3/2021 The worm may be turning
21A028: A Heterodox Medium, 7/27/2021 There are some, worth finding
21A027: Headlines, 7/20/2021 How to untwist the current news
21A026: Genuine Glitter, 7/13/2021 Real money, past and future
21A025: Independence, Canceled, 7/6/2021 July 4th, hit by woke
21A024: The Pulse, 6/29/2021 How pols deflect the blame
21A023: Oh, Mister Mayhew!, 6/22/2021 He twisted Scripture to please politicians
21A022: Three Cheers for the CDC!, 6/15/2021 Without it, we might never have seen the fraud
21A021: Signs of Deception, 6/8/2021 The Left says A, but means Non-A
21A020: A Much Greater Reset, 6/1/2021 Yes, you and I can bring it about
21A019: Anarchist Ethics, 5/25/2021 Greatly superior to all known others
21A018: Reason and Choice, 5/18/2021 One proof that humans and government don't mix
21A017: Journalism, R.I.P., 5/11/2021 Goebbels would just love this
21A016: Wealth in the ZGS, 4/27/2021 The hard part will be counting it
21A015: Society, Divided, 4/20/2021 What the CovidScam is producing
21A014: Who and Why?, 4/13/2021 What the CovidScam is for
21A013: Extreme Defense, 4/6/2021 No need for government armies
21A012: Report of a Dream, 3/30/2021 about what might have been
21A011: Cancellations, 3/23/2021 Gagging is so much easier than reasoning
21A010: The Paradox of Crypto, 3/16/2021 It doesn't quite fit, now or then
21A009: A Tale of Two Plagues, 3/9/2021 Covid was not the first
21A008: Perished from the Earth, 2/23/2021 Lincoln's big lie lies exposed
21A007: Things Trump Didn't Do, 2/16/2021 but could have
21A006: Lawn Order, 2/9/2021 Chaos is prerequisite
21A005: A Letter to Rubes, 2/2/2021 What government thinks of us
21A004: Thieves, Liars and Killers, 1/26/2021 Don't work for them
21A003: Deplorable Revolt, 1/19/2021 - like the one in 1775
21A002: The Red Ink, 1/12/2021 The money's gone. What that means for 8% Joe, and for us
21A001: A Double Palindrome, 1/5/2021 A lighthearted Hello to a possibly dark New Year

(Editions marked with the Plague Flag focus on the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.)