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15A057: Why BLM Matters, 11/28/2015 and why it's bogus
15A056: Ending Mass Migration, 11/18/2015 Only when governments vanish
15A055: Schiff's Crusade, 10/20/2015 A small tribute to a very great man
15A054: Did VW Fib?, 10/3/2015 Probably not. They just battled government arrogance
15A053: Bogus Pope, Bum Steer, 9/24/2015 Why Pope Francis hates the market
15A052: Syria, 9/17/2015 Its loss, Europe's gain?
15A051: Long-Living Lipstick, 9/9/2015 What if the Queen quit her job?
15A050: Consent, 9/4/2015 It's about far more than sex
15A049: Dogma vs. Reason, 8/29/2015 The importance of thinking for oneself
15A048: Our Nuclear Weapon, 8/11/2015 ready for immediate use
15A047: Censored by PBS, 8/5/2015 Some of the verba prohibetur
15A046: The Slave Trade, 7/29/2015 Was it more, or less profitable than paying wages?
15A045: Reflections on Prices, 7/23/2015 Without them, economies implode
15A044: Open Immigration, 7/16/2015 Professor Hoppe is mistaken. So is Trump
15A043: Elephtheria?, 7/11/2015 No, Greece isn't poised for freedom. Yet.
15A042: Let's Boycott Bud, 7/5/2015 Hired killers aren't "heroes"
15A041: Knots, Unraveled, 6/29/2015 Three, that government can't untie. Freedom will
15A040: Why Nine Died, 6/23/2015 It wasn't proliferation of guns
15A039: A Tale of Two Parties, 6/19/2015 Some more reasons never to vote
15A038: Liberating Europe, 6/13/2015 Freedom will overcome ancient enmities
15A037: Government Bares Fangs, 6/6/2015 so revealing who are its real enemies
15A036: Eire Goes Gay?, 6/2/2015 Hardly. But it's shaking off one of two major myths
15A035: Fiddling the Forex, 5/27/2015 will be impossible in the coming ZGS
15A034: The Climate Hysteria, 5/22/2015 and how to calm it down
15A033: Get Thee to Somalia, 5/17/2015 Much better than a nunnery
15A032: Decline of the Liberals, 5/11/2015 They were close, but no cigar
15A031: Fun with a Naked Statist, 5/4/2015 But no, not the kind you're thinking
15A030: A Hornberger Whodunnit, 4/28/2015 Last rites for the lone-nut theory
15A029: Rich Folks, 4/23/2015 It's still possible to join them
15A028: EU vs Google, 4/20/2015 Parasites vs Productive
15A027: Tail Lights, in the ZGS, 4/15/2015 They will very seldom prove lethal
15A026: White House Dreams, 4/11/2015 They won't work. Try a better way
15A025: The Source of Rights, 4/7/2015 A foundation much firmer than God
15A024: Pence Foolish, 4/3/2015 Why Indiana's government has knickers in a twist
15A023: Why the Airbus Crashed, 3/30/2015 - beyond the obvious reason
15A022: Krime in the Coming ZGS, 3/26/2015 It will fall so far, a new word is needed
15A021: Gun Nuts, Absent Government, 3/22/2015 Many fewer than there are today
15A020: The New Public Utility, 3/18/2015 Coming soon, but not for long
15A019: Is It Tax Time Soon?, 3/14/2015 Yes, no, and how to resolve the contradiction
15A018: Climate in the ZGS, 3/10/2015 No big deal, and the market will work fine
15A017: Bibi the Tiller, 3/6/2015 Take his hands off. Then scrap the tiller
15A016: The Mind of a Pol, 3/2/2015 Abandon reason, ye who enter here
15A015: Is IS Islamic?, 2/26/2015 Yes. But no, that doesn't spell war
15A014: Bypassing the Censor, 2/22/2015 He doesn't stand a chance
15A013: Paths to Freedom, 2/18/2015 Two possibilities examined
15A012: Banking in the ZGS, 2/14/2015 - if any
15A011: One Powerful Vaccine, 2/10/2015 Can it be negated by another?
15A010: Barbarism Defined, 2/6/2015 Governments, at work
15A009: A Different Melting Pot, 2/2/2015 PBS: obsessed with racism
15A008: Seventy Years, 1/29/2015 How Jews will fare without government
15A007: That 80/20 Rule, 1/25/2015 Freedom: a perfect fit for nature
15A006: Religion, Murder and Government, 1/21/2015 How all three blend together
15A005: Twisted Justice, 1/17/2015 Even when government is not a party
15A004: Speech in the Coming ZGS, 1/13/2015 Free, to say what you like
15A003: Cosby, 1/9/2015 The cats deploy their claws
15A002: Unnatural Migration, 1/5/2015 Just part of the chaos governments cause
15A001: By the Hour, or By the Job, 1/1/2015 Work in the ZGS will seldom be 9 to 5