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12A012: What's To Be Done?, 2/29/2012 Vital question. Here's the answer.
12A011: Non-Standard Gold, 2/25/2012 A standard would help. Its absence would help more
12A010: Another Wedge, 2/15/2012 Why big taxes begin small
12A009: Mitt's Foot, 2/7/2012 Romney did blunder, but not in the way they say
12A008: Pigs Fly in Vermont, 2/4/2012 dropping some well deserved ridicule
12A007: Oil for Gold, 2/2/2012 Will this bring a gold standard, or WW-III?
12A006: Piracy on the Ocean, 1/28/2012 How and why it will end, in the coming ZGS
12A005: Dekker Did It!, 1/26/2012 A triumph for youth and freedom
12A004: "Hey, Tony,, 1/24/2012 Who really sank the Concordia?
12A003: Piracy on the Net, 1/22/2012 Copyrights are already passť, ready for government's demise
12A002: The Racket, 1/17/2012 The DoD is 100% bogus
12A001: One Rock, One Hard Place, 1/13/2012 Pick Paul, or disintegrate: GOP, you choose