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11A031: The Fusion Game, 1/31/2011 It will change nearly everything. Here's an update
11A030: People Power, 1/30/2011 - and how little of it governments really hold
11A029: A Bright Future, 1/29/2011 Sees clearly, while gloomsters peer through foggy glasses
11A028: High Speed Trains, 1/28/2011 Who should, and should not, decide about building them
11A027: Hats Off to Pete, 1/27/2011 explored the proper place of good manners
11A026: Birther Traction, 1/26/2011 Who was that fellow who gave the big speech on Tuesday?
11A025: Holding Down the Lid, 1/25/2011 wonders how soon Republicans will break their promises
11A024: ER Blues, 1/24/2011 showed why they are mis-used, and how to fix that
11A023: JFK's Inaugural, 1/23/2011 Endless repetition makes it no less false
11A022: Hu's China, 1/22/2011 shows how even a little freedom yields massive prosperity
11A021: Above the Law, 1/21/2011 - government, that is. In all the important ways
11A020: Piracy, Now and Then, 1/20/2011 - South Korean monkey sees US monkey, and does
11A019: Tax Data Leaks, 1/19/2011 hopes Assange will be careful with his nuclear option
11A018: Slavery, 1/18/2011 explains how Martin Luther King got it only half right
11A017: A Sea Change?, 1/17/2011 applauds a small but welcome step towards rationality
11A016: Banner Alert, 1/16/2011 asks whether insane people should carry guns
11A015: Where Civility Begins, 1/15/2011 contrasts superficial politeness to genuine respect
11A014: Allah, Supreme?, 1/14/2011 considered whether Islam is determined to conquer the world
11A013: How We Got Here, 1/13/2011 blamed FedGov anti-Muslim aggression over half a century
11A012: ROTFLOL, 1/12/2011 explored what is and what is not funny about Muslim humor
11A011: Gun-totin' Crazies, 1/11/2011 identified those who are the most lethal, and the most irrational
11A010: Heaven's Hailstorm, 1/10/2011 showed how even murder is made far worse by government
11A009: Another Non-Cut Cut, 1/9/2011 deplored the violence done to English as well as to human life
11A008: Theater Galleries, 1/8/2011 opened the curtain on a new round of political pretense
11A007: Cornelius Dupree, 1/7/2011 exploded the myth that government and justice belong together
11A006: A Black View, 1/6/2011 - on where to find the greatest freedom now, while we await a ZGS
11A005: The Bulge Arrives, 1/5/2011 - and panicked the Social Security Establishment
11A004: Theft Without End, 1/4/2011 showed how to foil the coming confiscation of private pensions
11A003: Anti-Business Bias, 1/3/2011 wondered why the media so hate the only source of wealth
11A002: Richard Simkanin, RIP, 1/2/2011 mourned the loss of another hero of liberty
11A001: Sabers, Rattling, 1/1/2011 warned that while governments survive, war is not far distant